GameWare Monthly 21 Results, Baton Rouge, LA 09/17/10

SSF4 (24 entries)

1st Jakob (M.Bison)
2nd ranmasama (Rufus)
3rd kenmastersX (Guy, Fei-Long)
4th kingofkod (Balrog)

BlazBlue: CS (8 entries)

1st Jakob (Lamba-11)
2nd kenmastersX (Litchi, Makoto, Tsubaki)
3rd Breesus (Noel, Hazama)
4th ranmasama (Ragna)

Top 3 for SSF4 will be up soon. Really good match between Vu and I, dude was ex messiah kicking my scissors on reaction. o_0

what was the rest of top 8

Shadowcharlie was 5th and I don’t remember the rest. I think Joe (Blanka) and Trumpet where up there as well.

get the right results next time…