Gameware Monthly 3.3 Results

Top 8

  1. ShadowCharlie (BL)
  2. Nick Boone (RY)
  3. Stone (AK, FE, GO)
  4. Cities (GU)
  5. Jazz (GU)
  6. Trumpet (SA, BX)
  7. Versus (SE)
  8. Chase C (AK)

Thanks for everyone showing up and making this last SFIV tournament a success.
The next tournament will be for Super IV and will be on May 21st.

how many people were in the tournament, and do you have the bracket on your computer or was that on bsk’s?

That was BSK’s. But there were 25 players in all. I’m going to get the bracket from him later.

Videos are up.

1.Stone Nguyen(kenmastersX)
2.Justin Folse
3.Everett Folse(arcadia)

Probably the last TvC tourney in the state unless one is popped up hiding from me. :frowning: