Gameware Monthly 4.2 - Baton Rouge, LA - February 18, 2011


Hey guys. I’m going to be running the monthly this time, since BravoNavo will be out of town (be on the lookout for updates).

Gameware Monthly 4.2 - Baton Rouge, LA - February 18, 2011

3151 College Dr, Baton Rouge, Louisiana
(225) 927-9411 ?

Entry - $5

6:00 PM - Registration Opens
7:30 PM - Tournaments Begin

Tournaments (Singles)
Marvel vs Capcom 3 (360)
Super Street Fighter IV (360)** -if enough people want SSF4, we’ll be running that as well.

-Double Elimination
-Winnings are split 60/30/10 (built in $1 venue fee)
-B.Y.O.C. (No controllers will be provided)
-Wireless controllers are prohibited
-Be punctual. Do not be late for your matches.
-ALL matches between players are a set of three games (This includes all finals)
-Pausing during a match is grounds for a loss of that GAME
-Winner must keep the same team/assist types (MvC3)
-Winner must keep same character, may change ultra (SSF4)


I’ll be there.


always appreciated~ you can bring a monitor, yea?


I want SSF4.


well you should come out then! it’s still going to be population dependent


I should be there. I want SSF4 as well. :tup:


Maybe depends on playoff situation


Yeah I’m gonna bring my monitor and xbox. Any idea how many setups we have for sure so far?


I got work so no go for me.


Get yo popcorn ready! It’s gonna be some craziness tomorrow night. I feel certain. :tup:


I know right now that we’ll have our setup, yours (Irvin), and Logan volunteered his. I’ll be getting there around 5 or so to start setting up.


I’ll be there some time before 7. Not sure when though.