Gameware Monthly 4.3: The Return - Baton Rouge, LA - March 18th, 2011

Hey guys,

I’ll be back to run the March monthly after I couldn’t make the previous one.

Related to that, I would like to thank Renewme for doing an amazing job running the tournament in my stead. I heard nothing but great feedback. So, badass job, SBH!

One problem we had last time was a lack of people bringing controllers. I cannot stress enough to please bring your own controllers. If you need a spare, I will have a standard shitty Madcatz SE. It’s your call.

BTW, thanks for Sarah’s rules. They were so good that I decided to use them again. Had nothing to do with the fact that I love copy/paste. :stuck_out_tongue:

3151 College Dr, Baton Rouge, Louisiana
(225) 927-9411 ?

$5 per tourney

6:00 PM - Registration Opens
7:30 PM - Tournaments Begin

Tournaments (Singles):
Marvel vs Capcom 3 (360)
Super Street Fighter IV (360)

-Double Elimination Bracket, seeded by location
-Winnings are split 60/30/10 (built in $1 venue fee)
-B.Y.O.C. (No controllers will be provided)
-Wireless controllers are prohibited
-Be punctual. Do not be late for your matches.
-ALL matches between players are a set of three games (This includes all finals)
-Pausing during a match is grounds for a loss of that GAME
-Winner must keep the same team/assist types (MvC3)
-Winner must keep same character, may change ultra (SSF4)

You may copy/paste all day long. Super excited to see you after your long journey! We’ll be able to bring a setup as usual.

at least sf will be ran now :shy:

Yes, Mike. We will run Shining Force.

I might make it, I can bring a system if I come.