Gameware Monthly 4.7 Results

Big thanks to everyone who brought setups! You are all fucking ballers. This means you: Kingofkod, ItsjustLogan, Chris T, videohmstr, MediaDarling, Trumpet, and GOLGuyinGreen! Also, great to see new faces and meet you guys. Make sure you come out next month and hit up the local get togethers that pop up in the meantime.

Gameware 4.7 Results!! (We ended at ~11:00 which is awesome)

MK9 ( b/w 10-12)

  1. GOLGuyinGreen
  2. Trumpet
  3. videohmstr

SSF4:AE (16)

  1. Brydon (Honda)
  2. kingofkod (Boxer)
  3. shadowcharlie (Blanka)

MvC3 (17)

  1. Carlos R (Wolvy/Spencer/Akuma)
  2. Trumpet (Sent/Storm/Wesker)
  3. Boogaloo Shrimp (Mag/Dante/Sent)