Gameware Monthly 4.8 Results

Big thanks to everyone who brought setups! Really sorry about the heat/humidity, but that’s August for you. Had a really great turnout this month. Get ready for next month! Street Fighter 3: Third Strike will be replacing Mortal Kombat 9 for September.

Gameware 4.8 Results!! (We ended at ~midnight)

MK9 (12)

  1. Ranmasama (Ermac)
  2. ??? (Smoke)
  3. Trumpet (Liu Kang/Raiden)

SSF4:AE (26)

  1. Ranmasama (Rufus)
  2. Brydon (Honda)
  3. Subzero44 (C. Viper)

MvC3 (23)

  1. Leeland (Sent/Doom/Phoenix, Sent/Hagger/Phoenix, Zero/Ammy/Phoenix, Phoenix teams etc)
  2. Ranmasama (Mag/Sent/Haggar)
  3. Trumpet (Sent/Storm/Wesker)