Gameware Monthly #4 - Baton Rouge, LA - Friday, September 19, 2008

Hey everyone. I’m running quite a few tournaments this time. So I’m going to be pressed for time and space on some of them. If there isn’t enough time (which I don’t anticipate), we’ll run the 3rd Strike tourney.

Arrive: 6:00 PM
Start: 6:30 PM

Location: Gameware@ College Dr.

Marvel vs. Capcom 2 (DC Version)

$5 Entry
Matches are best 2/3 games
Double Elim
Dreamcast controllers provided (Bring PS2 controller converters if you can)

Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike (PS2 Version)

$5 Entry
Matches are best 2/3 games
Double Elim

Soul Calibur IV (360 Version)

$5 Entry
Matches are best 2/3 games
Games are best 3/5 rounds
No Custom Characters/Yoda
Winner keeps character
Random stage selection
Double Elim
Wireless controllers provided

Super Smash Bros Brawl

A la last time, I’m not running the Smash Bros tourney, but there will be one.
Go to this thread for more info.

FREE TOURNEY: Bionic Commando: Rearmed (360 Version)

$0 Entry (I’m providing the prize)
4 player matches; 1 game/match; Winner advances
Mode: Don’t Touch the Floor

Yeah, I’m just doing this tourney for the hell of it. I love the game’s multiplayer mode, so I wanted to try it out as a tourney. It’s free, give it a shot. :smiley:

Also, Testament. We’d better have our Hugo v. Alex grudge match! >:D

most marvel players have their own converters if they need them, and I would be willing to take my dreamcast if I go and im sure theres plenty of marvel players who would take theirs. So lets get the marvel tourny going:lovin:.

Phil is going to win this tournament.

Oh? Does Phil have a plan to make it so I dont show???

I hope you come and bring that awesome kilik Jason. And make it a good show for old time sakes :).

There won’t be any stopping Phil this time.

Based on BravoNavo’s comment “Also, Testament. We’d better have our Hugo v. Alex grudge match! >:D” im assuming there’s also going to be a SF3s tournament?

Also, will there be a GG: AC tourny? I know a couple of guys interested, such as Jeff.

Jeff is trash. Phil is going to destroy him.

Would it be possible to do a SC4 team tournament? Last tourney had an entry of 12+ so we can 3 man teams double elimination rather quickly. Doesn’t have to be for cash or w/e, maybe just for fun.

I’ll win SC4, thank you very much.


ken stop turtling in these threads

Nah, that’s cause last time he had to leave early. That’s a special arrangement. So no 3S.

And no AC. It’s hard enough to do two “real” tourneys along with the massive Smash crowd. (BC:R not being “real”, still wanna do that one though)

BTW, in Houston cause Demco’s still not working. :frowning: At least I got to play SFIV again. Planet Zero rocks for having it.

no 3s is some super wack shit

Dang huh…no 3s or gg:ac. I was really looking forward to those two. I may came just to hang out and watch then.

1st round call out for David Williams?

lol nice mike, mofugga, u betta show at the tourny

I’d like to point out that after doing some research, official tournaments don’t ban Algol. :slight_smile:

Not that I use him myself, I personally just like official tournament rules. I could also argue for the ps3 version over the 360 since SC4 nationals is using that console, but I doubt anyone cares unless the people with ps2 sticks have a bunch of converters that are totally useless on xbox.

Holy crap, Jason’s alive! Answer your phone sometime!

I’m going to try and make it to this tournament, since I missed the last one.

Thanks for the thread, man. It was a good read.

Last time I picked 360, a good deal of people had 360 sticks. So it’s gonna stay 360 since that’s the version I own.

If this were a regional, I’d get a PS3. But for a small one like this, I’m sticking with the 360.

(Take a shot everytime I mention 360… including that one)

Nah, I understand that you guys have more 360s, it’s just a nitpick of mine since I have a ps3 with two modded hrap3s. I really don’t like the option of the hori fighting stick since I’m spoiled with high-quality parts. I have enough arcade sticks as is, on top of the fact that there aren’t any ps2-360 or ps3-360 converters since Microsoft wants to be super strict with third-party products. :confused:

Also, anyone wanting to play some GG and I make it out it’d be really awesome to play some. I barely get to play nowadays with all my work being lame and taking up time that I could be doing hanging out or something.

I’m coming back to this as well, should be entertaining!:woot: