Gameware Monthly #4 Results

Thanks to everyone for coming again. Good fights as usual.
MvC2 didn’t work out, so I’m dropping it as a tournament game. But feel free to bring your DC.
Soul Calibur has a good following. I’m keeping that as a tourney game for next month. 3rd Strike as well. I’m up for suggestions for a third game.
Also, if anyone is uploading their videos of the matches to Youtube, please post the links here.


**Soul Calibur IV
1: David ($54.00)
2: Ken Berry Williams ($27.00)
3: PKThunder ($9.00)
4: Hollywood
5: MagnetoX
5: Ian
7: Doomscyther
7: Jakob
9: Jason
9: Dakota
9: Stone
9: Mike
13: CoastalWizard
13: Joe
13: CajunMonkey
17: Tony
17: Justin

Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike
1: MagnetoX ($30.00)
2: Stone ($15.00)
3: Jeff ($5.00)
4: Testament
5: Joseph
5: Mike
7: Drew
9: BravoNavo
9: Duck King

I will pick even more characters in Soul Calibur next time if I go! :o

I miss playing Guilty Gear with people. :frowning:

Good matches and fun everyone! Thanks again for the great hosting and smooth run of the tournament Gary. We got out lot earlier this time. It’s all about “Obama, Obama” randomly in a match lol.

Here are the grand finals matches of Soul Calibur 4, me vs Berry. lol @ the commentary.


Here is Semi final 3rd match:


Here is another match with Phil “Hollywood” and Chris “MagnetoX”:


awwwwwwww man dazt kuul davd

Ill take setsuka to finals next time.

doubtful u cant even JF umbrella ey ey

GGs everyone. I now remember why I play this crazy ass game. Thanks to Gary for throwing this event, and we’re all definitely looking forward to next month. Props to everyone who traveled, especially Shreveport - that’s some dedication. Hit me up on aim (berryzed), google (jwinn2), or PM if anyone of you are in town for some casuals. Looking forward to seeing a bigger show next time. School’s a bitch atm, but I’ll try to make it out to NO sometime in the next few weeks before we head off to Columbus.

And David, you better start practicing for next time. I might actually use my secret character I’ve been saving…

Chris took 3s??? :amazed: :amazed: :amazed:
Maaaaaaan we have to play, hope to see you on SB :lovin:

dont get too excited chriz sucks at 3s

Ive decided to make a completely arbitrary ranking system based on this and the previous Gameware tournament for SC4. Numbers are based on 1-5th (9000/6000/3000/2000/1000) respectively. 10% decay per week is added (always rounded down to keep whole numbers). Of course this is completely meaningless, so dont get all mad.

  1. David Williams (14905)
  2. Ken Berry Williams (6000)
  3. Chris Magneto X (4937)
  4. PKThunder (3000)
  5. Hollywood (2000)
  6. Dakota “TheDarkPhoenix”(1969)
  7. Ian (1592)
  8. Stanman (1313)
  9. Jason (592)

Hey Guys,

I’m working on getting a new location for next month’s tournament.

This is due to some scheduling concerns because of the upcoming Columbus tournament. Plus, I feel that the tournament could benefit from a larger space. My little corner near the used PS2 section can only handle so much.

I’m scoping for a place right now. I’m meeting with someone tomorrow about having the tournament at their establishment. In addition, if this goes through, we’ll be able to handle more tournaments than at the previous events. I’ll post more info as I get it.


I owe you 5 bucks for the 3s tourny. Do you go to lsu?

good shit!

Close… I work at LSU.
I work at Hill Memorial

Also, I talked to GameLAN and Gameware about the tournaments.

GameLAN is allowing us to have a tournament on Oct. 12th, so plan for that Sunday. David (owner) said that he can’t have it on Friday or Saturday. Sunday seemed the most appropriate because of time.

Also, I talked to Steve at Gameware and he said he’s willing to renegotiate space for our side of the tournament. A few people noticed that Smash had way too many TVs. Some weren’t even being used. We’re going to discuss taking a bigger part of the store for November on.



It turns out that Gameware monthly might be bumped up one week.

<epic rage>

Not for certain, but keep this as a possibility.