Gameware Monthly #5 - Baton Rouge, LA - Friday, October 10, 2008

Sorry it took so long to get things ready. But after a lot of confusion, the next Gameware monthly is go.

Location: Gameware College Dr.
Day: Friday, Oct 10th
Time: 6:00 PM Arrive; 6:30 PM Start
Fee: $5 per game

Soul Calibur IV (360 version)

$5 Entry
Matches are best 2/3 games
Games are best 3/5 rounds
No Custom Characters/Yoda
Winner keeps character
Random stage selection
Double Elim
Wireless controllers provided

Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike (PS2 version)

$5 Entry
Matches are best 2/3 games
Winner keeps character
Double Elim

Guilty Gear XX: Accent Core (PS2 version)

$5 Entry
Matches are best 2/3 games
Winner keeps character
No EX/Gold characters/No bosses or hidden characters
Double Elim

Super Smash Bros Brawl
Again, not my tournament
Click here for Brawl rules

***Note on Money Matches: I’ll facilitate them if anyone wants them. Just make sure to talk to me **BEFORE **Friday if you want to do them.

If anyone can bring one extra TV and PS2+games, it’ll be much appreciated.

For anyone who wants to film the matches, I have a tripod if you’d like to use it.

goood shit man thanks for comming through, i have ur game btw where did u fall off the face of the earth to?

To an endless pile of document scanning :confused:

Damn dude, that’s really late on the notification…Not sure if I can make it. :annoy:

I totally can’t make it, otherwise my GG playing would’ve came in full force.

Please do bring the tripod.

I’ll make a note of it.


did u post the rules? and will we be able 2 change characters or choose at the begining and cant change?

Complete rules posted

I also made a note about money matches if anyone wants to do them again.


so about the brawl rules???

i no it isnt your tournament but if u could find out that would help.

I added a link to the Brawl tourney’s thread. That should help.

I can bring another TV for this.

Key issue. I highly doubt we can support both gg and 3s on this notice.
I know Gary you are trying to do right and stuff, but Id rather us not waste gameware and your time.

I propose this. Lets get about 10 ppl minimum for 3s and Ill bring my TV.
Lets also run this tourny very early aka 630, so that we arent waiting around for a 10 man tourny.

If we finish the tourny early I will hand around a bit and keep my TV for casuals in GG or 3s or Cvs2 or whateva.

Sounds good. But I can run an 8-man minimum tourney. And I’m also bringing my TV as well. We’ll have 3 TVs total.

On another note, is anyone else thinking of modding their Wii for Tatsunoko vs. Capcom?

Can anyone give me and friend a ride to the tournament? We live in ECA. I’d be willing to bring my 18in tv and ps2.


where is eca? i live on perkins and siegin

Its on LSU campus. East Campus Apartments is at the intersection at south campus drive and east campus drive. Map.

Oh man I just found out the tourny was this Friday today! I’ll be there :slight_smile: