GameWare Monthly Results, Baton Rouge, LA 07/23/10

Since no one made a thread.

Super Street Fighter IV

-1st Jakob (M.Bison)
-2nd Ranmasama (Rufus)
-3rd Jazz (Guile/Abel/Sagat)
-4th Shadowcharlie (Blanka)
-5th potmonstersX (Guy/Fei Long/Adon)
-5th kingofkod (Balrog)
-7th Trumpet (Balrog)
-7th Duck King (E.Honda/T.Hawk)

Top 8 Vids can be found here (Ignore the video on the home page, Vu is a troll =P)
YouTube - battleforthesouth’s Channel


i used sagat and abel too…

You put the WB match as the home page video instead of the finals lol.

Gotcha! Trolling Complete. lol

good job not putting my match vs irvn scum

Try not turtling for so long that youtube denies the video. I just noticed that.

By the end of the year we’ll be able to come up with a “Best of Irvin vs. shadowcharlie” 3 disc DVD set. These 2 and their hatred for SF4 never fail to deliver a classic lol.

iv seen 30 min youtube clipse b4, true story. where is your work ethic?

At work.

need to get more flexible more calisthenics in your routine