GameWorks Seattle, WA FightClub Game Poll


Hello Seattle Players

GameWorks is holding another FightClub Tournament this time in Seattle on April 24th - 26th. We would like to know what are the Arcade Fighting games you would like to play on.

Street Fighter 4 will be one of the games used, and each game will be its own separate tournament with its own prize pool.

We will use 1 or 2 other games for this tournament event.

Street Fighter 3 - 64 or 32 spots
Marvel Vs Capcom 2 - 64 or 32 spots
Tekken 5 - 64 or 32 spots

Please vote for 2 games and how many player spots you would like to see!

Have a good day


Bmatth, you would wanna post this in the NW section. Just about everyone there ignores the tournament and events section =/.


Thanks for the info Deezo