Gameworks Shaumburg possibilities



Since Gameworks in Shaumburg recently just got beefed up with T6BR / SF4 / KOFXII / TVC I was wondering if there are any SRK members who have any tourney experience to be able to host tournaments. The crowds get pretty insane on thursday nights after 9 for the $10 free play but you have to be 21+ to get in. Thursday just seems like the perfect day that people could host tourneys of their own or even ask the owners/ managers to host them. They seem to do anything to keep those fighting machines in tip top shape seeing is they probably got a nice profit increase from those. Me and my friend asked if they could change the KOFXII control scheme cause we said it felt weird being ABCD with A being on the bottom. They changed it to be A C on top / B D on bottom in a heartbeat.
Funny thought, the manager kept asking if the controls for SF4 were ok and not broken even though I was only refering to the SF4 control shceme of punches on top,kicks on bottom and nothing on whether the buttons worked.

Anyways… I just think the owners and managers would be up to it if there were regular tourneys hosted there because it would get them more money I would presume and get them more publicity.

First and foremost let’s get a listing of people who play what there if there are even any of you on SRK and hopefully my thread is not pointless.

So just pretty much post what you play. I’m down to play anything honestly, I don’t like SF4 that much anymore due to KOFXII but if there was competition playing I always played them just because its more fun that way.

Once again they have T6:BR / SF4 / KOFXII / TVC


What’s a Shaumburg


Um check the Chicago thread in the Midwest forum.

People go there regularly during the week and there has been talks of tournys.


Oh, well I honestly never ventured that far down on the main page to see those lol. Thanks


if they wanna host legit tournys, i’ll definitely show up.