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so I know making V.S. is not a good idea so Ill form my question around what are you opinions and experiences with gaming chairs. currently I have a Computer chair that retailed for 200 and i was able to get it for $100. it does it job and it nice. but ive been hearing a lot of hype around gaming chairs and i was looking at some decent ones for roughly 100 as well. im almost considering buying it but wonder if ill notice a huge difference

Pseudo-racing-seat-esque gaming chairs are a waste of hard earned loot IMHO.

However, every ass (and wallet) is different. If you’re feening for that look then go for it. My buddy has a Vertagear chair that he swears by. My brother-in-law has the top of the line DXRacer chair that he loves. I sat in them both and went “meh.” They were both uncomfortable for me.

I actually use folding chairs when I play fighting games. Seems to work at tournaments :wink:

I take this to every local ranbat to intimate my opponents

You’re better off getting a seat cushion that will lower pressure on your tailbone/spine. I bought this one from and I love it. It completely takes away the pain I was starting to feel in long sitting sessions. Check it out:

You can go to various stores and try out their floor models.
Read up on some reviews, do some research. Not all chairs are built the same.

I have a cheap ass, sub $100 Computer chair that been pieced together from other cheap-ass computer chairs. Works for me just fine.

Yeah, go try out chairs before you buy them. Your ass is different from other asses out there. It’s still weird to me that gaming chairs are modeled after bucket seats…

…with huge flank and thigh bolsters. Who the hell needs that crap?! I’m stationary!

• Long sitting sessions: Anything that would give me butt, arm and lumbar support would work for long sitting sessions.

• Short sitting sessions, adjustable stools… Def try before you buy if you can.

• I prefer hybrid standing options myself for fight man, shooter games and work.

Professional gamer know the importance of gaming chair which is comfortable and help to improve the gaming skills as compare to ordinary chair. Gaming chair also help to maintaining the body’s health and full support during the playing games. There multiple chairs in the market which claim highest rated gaming chairs.According to my research on it, i found top 5 gaming chairs which names given below.
1- Homall Executive Swivel Leather Gaming Chair
2- Ficmax Large Size and High-back Ergonomic PC Gaming Chair
3- Coavas Executive Office Computer Chair/Home Desk Gaming Racing Chair
4- Merax High-Back Racing Home Office Chair and Ergonomic Gaming Chair
5- TOPSKY C4C-1 Racing Style Gaming Chair.These high demand gaming chairs and now you can buy anyone which you can afford. You can also read the reviews of each chair at which help you to select best one.

It really depends on how you feel comfortable. I like the generic computer desk chair that you can adjust height. I like to have it at the lowest setting. Feels really comfortable for me to have the stick on my knees for extended amounts of time in that position. Folding chairs word well as well.
Im not big on buying bulk chairs that are red,blue, yellow, etc. Its bad enough i have alot of gaming crap in my small ass room

I bought an OPSeat gaming chair and that is pretty sick. Make sure you get the Grandmaster edition especially if you’re a bigger guy. Check out

If you can stretch the budget a little bit, you might be able to find a used mid-range office chair that’s super adjustable and you can get real comfy for long hours. The herman miller aeron still has name recognition so they’re pricier, but I was able to get a used steelcase leap (almost $1k new) for $165 at a used office furniture store. It’s at least worth looking into, especially given how well built some of these chairs are.

I have been using the Merax ergonomic racing style pu leather gaming chair for half a year now and there are no complaints so far, until it was a DxRacer that served me for 4 years. The Merax gaming chair is equipped with soft headrest and thick padded armrest for great comfort. Fitted with heavy duty chair base with durable casters for greater stability and the tilt locking system can lock the back at any angle down to 120 degree.

I use metal stools from 5 below, throw down a pillow if my butt hurts. I try to take breaks and walk around during long sessions though. No back support, not that it matters, what with all the hunching and screaming. I could probably make a nice memory foam topper for it now that I think about it…


I wonder - there are so many Hype around the gaming chairs. Are they really as comfortable as they are talking about? They are cost pretty much, BTW!
For example, I play in a bag chair, and this is really comfortable even for many hours. What is the advantage of gaming chairs except the steep appearance and high prices?

Gaming chairs i feel are more for like PC gamers. They need the height to get to thier desk. If your playing on tv it doesn’t matter as much.

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Encase your wondering this is referring to a old meme


For me office chairs and gaming chairs both works fine. For gaming chair i would recommend GTracing gaming chair.

Racing style gaming chairs?
Hell now, they are the worst for back support and posture

I got gaming sofa and bed in one furniture Item. The power of adjustable beds is extremely underestimated. Give it a look As I’m watching movies more often than I play games, it works for me extremely good.