Gaming Chair opinions


so I know making V.S. is not a good idea so Ill form my question around what are you opinions and experiences with gaming chairs. currently I have a Computer chair that retailed for 200 and i was able to get it for $100. it does it job and it nice. but ive been hearing a lot of hype around gaming chairs and i was looking at some decent ones for roughly 100 as well. im almost considering buying it but wonder if ill notice a huge difference


Pseudo-racing-seat-esque gaming chairs are a waste of hard earned loot IMHO.

However, every ass (and wallet) is different. If you’re feening for that look then go for it. My buddy has a Vertagear chair that he swears by. My brother-in-law has the top of the line DXRacer chair that he loves. I sat in them both and went “meh.” They were both uncomfortable for me.

I actually use folding chairs when I play fighting games. Seems to work at tournaments :wink:


I take this to every local ranbat to intimate my opponents


You’re better off getting a seat cushion that will lower pressure on your tailbone/spine. I bought this one from and I love it. It completely takes away the pain I was starting to feel in long sitting sessions. Check it out:


You can go to various stores and try out their floor models.
Read up on some reviews, do some research. Not all chairs are built the same.

I have a cheap ass, sub $100 Computer chair that been pieced together from other cheap-ass computer chairs. Works for me just fine.


Yeah, go try out chairs before you buy them. Your ass is different from other asses out there. It’s still weird to me that gaming chairs are modeled after bucket seats…


…with huge flank and thigh bolsters. Who the hell needs that crap?! I’m stationary!


• Long sitting sessions: Anything that would give me butt, arm and lumbar support would work for long sitting sessions.

• Short sitting sessions, adjustable stools… Def try before you buy if you can.

• I prefer hybrid standing options myself for fight man, shooter games and work.