Gaming for a Cause - Donation Request


Hello Shoryuken! You may or may not know me (You probably don’t), but I have been lurking and reading around this place for a while. Seeing this community, I hope I may get your assistance in something I have been working on.
I am high school student in the Philippines that is attempting to improve the state of technology and education in where I study. I am very interested in the concept of using gaming for a cause (Such as SGDQ/AGDQ, and even some minor things that help those in need). I decided to take my own shot at the idea, and I would need your help to pull it off.
This is why I am hosting a fundraiser/donation drive to improve the facilities (most importantly technology) in my school. The goal of this fundraiser is to make enough money for one printer for the school, or at least contribute money for the cause. The school I am supporting is my own school called “Keys School Manila”; a somewhat new school that is developing its high school program. Hopefully, you can donate to this cause for the sake of advancement in this school.
As of now, I am There will be an accompaniment of a gaming stream for entertainment and advertising. On February 15, 2014, there will be a small exhibition/showcase of the League of Legends’ scene here in the Philippines, in particular the Mandaluyong area. For 2-5 hours, these games will be streamed, hoping to entertain the viewers as much as possible with games of League of Legends. Hopefully, it could be a drive to get donations in, for the benefit for “Keys School Manila”
If you have donations, you can donate via PayPal to:
stream link will be up shortly
Time: 1:30~5:00 GMT+8
I will show the results of what happened, and update you with what is happening with the project. Thank you for reading and hope that you donate!