Gaming Headset for PS3/360/PC?


Hey all, ive recently been searching for a headset to plug directly into my PS3/360/PC via USB, ive looked at the more expensive ones and don’t see the need for all the extras etc that come with them, looking at the Trittons and the Turtle Beach headsets but im undecided

All im after is a decent sounding gaming headset that i can switch to my PS3/360/PC via USB pretty much.

Any ideas? suggestions?


Avoid Trittons as they break easily. I prefer Turtle Beach and Logitech.

The other options I like cost more.

You can always get a head set that ends in 3.5 mm audio jacks, get a audio to USB adapterfor PS3 use and an audio adapter for the Xbox 360 Mic.

Example USB adapter

Example 3.5 mm mic and ear to 2.5 mm jack (for Xbox 360)


I have the tritton ax360 and they are amazing however they don’t plug in through usb they use the optic input on either your devices. If you have a tv that has the fiber optic input and all your devices are connecting to it through a digital source for sound (hdmi dvi, ect) you can get true dobly5.1 surround which you can not get with the turtle beaches. I don’t know about other’s experiences with them but mine have lasted several years (3+). the only thing that seems very flimsy is the cable that connects to the microphone for voice chat on the xbox, but i just wrapped it in electrical tape to prevent breakage; everything else seems extremely well built


Thanks guys, am i able to plug these directly into my USB ports on my consoles to use them?

I was thinking of getting but i doubt it would work with a ps3/360


most USB mics (and USB adapters for mics) work on the PS3. But there bound to be a few which do not work .
USB mics will not work on the Xbox 360 unless states otherwise


I’ll second Turtle Beaches, great headsets.

This may be something along the lines of what you want


I dont really care about the mic functionality, just the sound really.

I migrated all my consoles to my desk running on my monitor, should i just get the Corsair 1500 7.1, its 92 dollars, i was thinking of getting a USB to 3.5mm jack adapter and plugging them into my monitor directly then call it a day, that would be pretty easy, then i dont have to plug the Headphones into different consoles etc, it will all come through my HDMI through the monitor to the headphones.


i strongly suggest finding awesome headphones like ath-m50 or a Shure SRH840 and then grabbing a clip-on mic like the zalman clip-on.

you’ll love yourself for getting good headphones that are also great for music


What you think of these?