Gaming headsets / Headphones thread


Ok so i just bought myself the Turtle Beach X4.


  • 5.1 surround is great
  • You can turn down game volume, so you can hear chat clearly.
  • Can connect pretty much anything to the main receiver


  • Pricey $200

-Cant use Mic on other gaming consoles(360 only)

-Loud hissing sound, very noticeable when there is no sound, not so much when there is…You have to keep still too or there seem to have interference, this when watching a movie only

  • Its wireless but not really, you have to connect this to your controller. Plus you have to buy batteries which can get expensive (20 hrs though), probably have to buy rechargeable…

Equipment used

Macbook Laptop - The sound had a very noticeable hissing sound, this was actually the first one i tried it on. I had to move the wires around & be a certain location to lower the hissing. I was using rca cables to connect this instead of the optical.

Sony Bluray S350 - I grabbed Saving Private Ryan a DVD movie & notice the hissing sound still there. I wasn’t that impress with the 5.1 surround sound either. I didn’t feel like there were bullets flying in certain directions, this could just be the movie disc as this is an old dvd movie. Was not impress at all.

Xbox 360 - Only played ST HDR, so i couldn’t really take advantage of the 5.1 surround. I was able to turn down the game volume & can hear people more clearly. This is a huge plus, cuz i like chatting & always have a hard time hearing people. Now i can hear them whine clearly about me tick throwing them to death.

PS3 - I played Fight Night Round 4, the sound was great. I can really hear the crowd, i also wasn’t able to hear any outside chit chatting at the house. I was really into the game, didn’t hear any voice chat, not really sure if they were talking or not so i cant comment.

I also tried a dvd movie Howl’s Moving Castle & the sound sounded 100x better then my Sony Bluray S350 setup at my home theater room. The hissing wasn’t that noticeable either. So it could be that my Sony S350 just sucks or SPR dvd sucked, i will try Howl’s Moving Castle with this to see any changes sometime this week.

So overall, i was a bit disappointed at first. Then when i connected the headphones to my gaming console i was quite impress. I was looking for a headset that i can use for gaming/movies. It works great for gaming but not yet sold w/ movies.

So anybody have experience with Turtle Beach headphones? Do you have a constant hisssing sound? Can i connect my 360 controller to PC & use the microphone to do video chat?

Also is there gaming headphones that can be used for multiplatform. Please post your experiences with other gaming headsets. Im also looking for nice headphones to purchase for music/movies. Please post your experience on them here.


Thanks for the review.
I won’t be getting these.

Anyone know of any better sort of models/manufacturers?


ATH-AD700 - open cans headphones great! some are going for $80 new thats crazy

Ok there are so many things involved with high end headphones… There are certain kinds of headphones for certain kinds of genre of music, headphones needs certain hardware for it to perform at the level it was made for, etc.


Those look pretty good but im not sure about the color. I heard they were purple & gold. Plus i heard they are huge.

Man i was hoping there were more responses, maybe i should have put Gaming Headset for your new “arcade joystick” in the thread title.


I use a Sennheiser HD600 + an amp i bought from a local DIYer. <3


i love, LOVE, my astro mixamp (headphones were nice but i’ve found my sony mdr-7506’s to be my favorite for the simulated dolby). i’ve got a set of beyerdynamic dt880s that sound incredible through them as well (they sound incredible through anything, best cans i’ve owned)


sennheisers are amazing man


Been using these for awhile. Great starter cans for music and gaming. Would prefer more bass, but hey, they were my first cans =)


I second the Audio Technica ATH-AD700. Amazing sound quality. I use it primarily for pc gaming.


Maybe you guys could give me a suggestion. I’m looking for a decent headset for the 360. One that isn’t too expensive, but sounds and holds up better than the Microsoft branded POS one…the one that I have went through 3 of. If I can find a decent one that won’t break if i hold it the wrong way or whatever with a decent pricetag, I would be pretty stoked.


I absolutely love my Sennheiser HD-280s, I use them for anything and everything I can. :3
Some people complain about how heavy the headphones are, but all headphones this size are this heavy.

I really have no interest in a Microphone, so I have no suggestions on them.


You forget to mention how good they are as headphones. :lame:

I run Grado SR-80 through a HLLY DAC/amp/sound card thing. :yawn:

When I’m not using my speakers.

Typically buying a gaming headset is the equivalent to buying a Mayflash, jack of all trades, master of none.


you couldn’t have said it better


Fuck that $160-$200 for those, I would rather buy some ultimate ears for my IPOD…


Have fun paying for the buzzword “noise cancelation”, I can tell you you’re not going to get half the sound through in-ear headphones.


This. I’m in the exact same situation. I’ve had two of those standard microsoft 360 headsets break on me already. Any suggestions for a cheap, sturdier one that still has decent sound quality? I don’t need something super high-quality, it’s just for my 360.


I use these,+Hifi/product/Audio-Technica_ATH-A500_Art_Headphones.html I’ve had them for a few years now. They sound amazing. Doesn’t have a built in mic or anything. I just wrap the xbox mic around my head on top of it


I like my Sennheiser HD-280PROs but they lack bass and are pretty uncomfortable to wear for long periods of time.

My next set of headphones will be either some Beyer Dynamic DT 770 PRO’s or Audio Technica ATH-AD700’s. Both headphones have great reviews.

I picked up my HD-280PRO’s at they got some nice deals and free shipping on orders over 99 bucks.