Gaming journalism burger thread: We need proper judging criteria, damnit!

This is a thread to ignore all things having to do with gaming journalism and discuss burgers, burger tiers, fast food tiers for burgers and burger cooking theory.

Burritos were brought up by razor ( which can also be discussed here since they have the same infinite potential as burgers).

Tier lis will be listed in the op once we come up with some consensus. As of right now mcdonalds is bottom tier and Burger King is “I love hood rats” tier.

Chain burger tier

S-Whataburger, Red Robin

A-Steak n Shake, Johnny Rockets

B-Five Guys, In & Out, Fuddruckers

C-Burger King, McDonalds

D as in “Diarrhea”- Checkers, White Castle, Jacks

I would contest Whataburger. I think it belongs to the C tier. Fuddruckers should be in the S-tier easily.

Say what you want about Checkers but they’re huge burgers for cheap.

No carls jr or jack in the box in that tier list. We need some criteria first. Can’t just go around with biased burger commentary.

Fuddruckers is overpriced for what you get. I can see making a case for whataburger being b tier but no way can I put it under fuddruckera.

I haven’t see a checkers in the longest. Actually the only one I’ve ever seen is in Puerto Rico.

There have been Checkers popping up all over here recently. It mirros Little Ceasar’s rise to prominence once it starting doing $5 hot-n-ready pizzas. Checkers is okay. I can get 2 burgers for $3. Can’t go wrong with that.


S Tier:
Grill em All

A Tier:

^I couldn’t put that in my body, shit how many calories is that + the cream frosted beverage?

Yeah, we need to start discussing proper judging criteria.

Dividing into categories of price range and fast food/restaurant is the way to go. For sure price point should be a starting point.

Criteria should be cook speed/method, beef quality, bun/topping/condiment freshness, the price to food amount ratio ($8 for a quarter pounder is kinda high, but for a half pound or full pound isn’t bad), menu size/burger options, and additional food item quality/options such as if they have shakes or not, what kind of shakes, how many flavors, etc.

The burger should be the main attraction though, so everything that isn’t the burger should be lumped into groups, where as you can say the beef is really good but the buns are ass.

Who eats more than a quarter-pound of a burger?

Fat girl tiers…

A tier- slightly chubby girls with huge tits

b tier- big girls with big boobs

c tier - REALLY big bitches with big boobs

d tier - fat chicks with NO boobs

Shit tier - @specs in drag…

@SoVi3t tier- his girlfriend…

smelly feminist tier - Zoe Quinn

You guys actually did it… Ya actually derailed the thread and made it about burgers. Fucking…Epic! LOL! I’m proud of you guys seriously. Ya felt that chick wasn’t worth discussing so most of ya agreed to change the subject, and did so. And I gotta say this is WAY more interesting than talking about that chick.

Some people like their burgers with 2/3/4 patties. I don’t know that going above two is actually worth. Once you cross the double patty threshold, it kinda becomes a chore to eat.

I can’t cosign Docta’s placement of Steak n Shake in A.
I’ll concede they’re a decent value as I hardly ever spend more than $6 on a trip there, but their burgers just aren’t filling.
Triple Royale with cheese fries and I’m still hungry is not a good look.

angelpalm. For A tier chubby girls they gotta have dat ass too. I mean that’s the main attraction of a chubby girl. Am I right guys? Or am I the only ass man here?

If the girl is big everything gotta be big. A chubby chick with small tits is plain wrong. Hmmm i think some Mannie Fresh is needed in here.

Also i tried 5 Guys once. Burger was good, the fries were good and even though i got small they just keep throwing more in the bag. A little on the expensive side for what its worth but i would go again but not often. Too bad some of these chains aren’t in canada.

You guys must suffer something fierce on the toilet if you’re eating all that meat and no vegetables.