Gaming Journalism Exposed-Indy Developer Sleeps Her Way To Better Reviews


In summary a female Indy game developer has been caught sleeping with certain members of the gaming press. The implications are obvious and as expected several members of the gaming journalist community are doing their best to shield her. It’s also worth pointing out that the main people involved are all heavily associated with social justice/feminist communities and in fact one of the people who slept with her works at kotaku. It’s not known what the consequences of such a revelation will be but it’s at least good to know that such corruption is rightfully being exposed.


Ex Boyfriend’s post which clued everyone in:

Re-upload of the original story that was taken down by Zoe Quinn:

TotalBiscuit’s take:

Zoe Quinn “communication” with r/gaming & r/hardware mod, and the results of those communications:

RPS Response:

#GamerGate: Keepin' Journos Honest

Not like anybody takes Kotaku seriously these days, hell if I was a journalist over there id tap some ass if I could as its probably the only thing the gig would be good for.

Hope this bitch gets seriously burned for this tho, she royally screwed these guys over (no pun intended)

#GamerGate: Keepin' Journos Honest

The news just started making the rounds so we will see how this goes. I wouldn’t expect much media coverage for obvious reasons but luckily a lot of famous youtubers are exposing her. Reddit has also done a good job providing solid intel on the situation…makes you wonder what else is going on behind the scenes.


Saw the video abit ago and was tempted to post it. Now waiting for a female to voice her opinions. As for the male view on this slut slept for favors and hope they burn her to the ground. Can’t use your fem, girl power ideas and vagina power to escape this. Gotta say thou she better have a vagina of a hoover vac to get 5 guys to cover for her.


I would have fucked her. And still gave her a shitty review.

stupid bitch claiming private life is none of our business? When you are trying to scam people, yeah it kind of is.


I’m reserving this post for a Joker gif or two for when I get home.

In the meatime- LMA-fucking*(literally)*-O…

EDIT: Alright! Showtime!***


I mean, could these guys at least have some standards? Geez, that chick is like a 4.5 or below…
But of course, these assholes don’t even have the integrity to review video games honestly, so this is probably par for the course(and the only pussy they’ll ever get outside of a call girl)…


The best part is that this is coming from the same people accusing gamers of being sexist horn dogs who will fuck the first pussy in sight.

These are the tweets defending her:


Does anyone even read video game reviews?


Well what, are you going to tell game journalists to turn away the EA sponsored blow job ninjas?
You’re just going to send them slinking back into the night with their heads hung low and review copies still lodged between their breasts?
Do you have any idea how badly that will turn out?


lol fuck you laura, this isn’t a female/male issue, this is about journalistic integrity


Glad to see other people posting about this. Hope people don’t stop talking about it until everyone involved is held to the fire.

Here’s the relevant stuff I posted in the redundant thread:


Ex Boyfriend’s post which clued everyone in:

Re-upload of the original story that was taken down by Zoe Quinn:

TotalBiscuit’s take:

Zoe Quinn “communication” with r/gaming & r/hardware mod, and the results of those communications:

RPS Response:


I don’t even know who this bitch is and I don’t care. I don’t even see how this is news.


How is it not news that games journalists - whose primary job is to give honest opinion on content - are literally in bed with content creators?


Thanks I’ll include those all in the OP.


then don’t post in the thread.

pretty sad you fail to see how sleeping your way to gaming reviews is as irrelevant as your life will always be.


Its even worst than that, the bitch just voice to an idea of a game, she created fuck all, created a hissy fit and spouted fem dogma to corner the real creators then fucked people to get it good reviews lol. She is literally the worst scum possible and the reviewers who bed her should be sacked/discredited for all eternity.


Well there goes all the hard-earned credibility the game journalism industry had built up



Gaming journalism had already lost credibility when big name publishers paid off journalist to get better/positive reviews, knowing full well that their shit sucked and had a lot of major flaws in them. I’m sure people sleeping around with each other is nothing new. Chicks sleeping their way to the top is nothing new either. Is it disgusting that this chick is using her pussy to get power? Yeah. But is it surprising? No. Same shit. Different day.

If people want journalist integrity, you have to have integrity in yourself and not wag your tail to the tune of the dollar sign.


For the record I think all the people involved are equally terrible people so this isn’t just a case against zoe. However it’s unfortunate knowing that she will simply play the gender card and all parties will continue as usual maintaing their corrupt business practices.



Yes; people who play video games because they are “in” and mostly have no taste.

A good chunk of people who buy video games belong to said group, so this affects the industry way more than you think.