Gaming laptop q


I might buy this for ^$500,is this strong enough to handle streaming and possibly kof13 or sf4ae?


Streaming is a maybe.

If you want to stream a PC game - where your computer needs to handle the game, handle capturing the footage, and stream it - that could be difficult depending on the game. Probably just better off using a desktop if that’s what you want to do.
If you want to just stream a feed from a Hauppauage or something - where your computer only needs to stream the incoming footage - then yeah, you should be fine.

As for gaming, no idea about KoF13. SF4 should be fine, though I think your laptop would benchmark as a high C/low B. Your processor would be the weakpoint, and even if that’s the case there will probably be modded skins that you can apply to lower the amount of demand SF4 puts on your laptop (though I don’t know if they are out yet as I don’t closely follow PC SF4 modding).


I have a similarly spec’d laptop with same processor, ram and whatnot. Lemme tell you that it is a no across all boards.

The dual core on that is incredibly underpowered, will not even stream reasonably without stuttering. I’ve tried FME 2.5, Xsplit, Wirecast you will not be able to stream and it look any amount of decent. That computer is also well below spec for running SF4 and consequently Kof13 or any other game ported from the Taito X2.

Also bare in mind that that computer was already outdated 3 years ago. It is a complete ripoff at $500 today.


That is a very outdated laptop, definitely not worth $500



ok thanks gents.

could you link me to something around $500 that I asked above plz?