Gaming mags [free] *GONE*


i’ll let these go for pretty much free as long as you cover shipping and boxing up and paypal fees.

Official Dreamcast Magazine (US)


UK DC Magazine

issues 11 & 28

Gamer’s Republic

12/99 issue 7
3/2000 issue 9
5/2000 issue 24
11/2000 issue 30


issue #1 9/97
issues #5 -> #17 1/1998 -> 1/1999

let me know if you are interested in anything and we’ll figure out shipping from there. i would prefer USA only but if you have the $ i have the time.

I would be interested in the Dreamcast magazines as well as the FF7 issue of PSM. Zipcode 47715

pm me if you are really interested, i have all mags in a box ready to ship anywhere in the 48 for $13. (usps flat rate box)
not going to send out single issues.