Gaming Monitors: Tuners and Converters


I recently bought an ASUS VH236H (evo monitor) and I want it to be not only compatible with all of my systems, but also function as a television.

I want to compile a list of all devices that can turn this monitor and hopefully others into what is essentially an hd television and game center.

 I've looked online and have found how to do both; however, problems occur with interlaced video input. This would prevent many wii (gamecube and vc as well) and ps2 games from functioning properly. There was a similar topic that focused on the wii ( ) , but it didnt fully answer the questions I had.
 I spent more time looking up info and found relatively affordable, standalone devices

wii2hdmi( $20-30): mentioned here -only for wii. I’m unsure about how well it works with interlaced video

mygica hd gamebox(approx $30): Pretty highly rated after doing research. Deinterlaced video is not sharp on hd monitors, but thats to be expected. It connects via vga and has extra conversion cords.

mygica LDA 9000 (approx $65):Same as the gamebox except is also a digital and analog receiver; however, from the 3 user reviews I found, two say that it will temporarily stop funtioning if it gets hot. It comes with dvi port and also extra conversion cords.

I’ve also heard that some old cable boxes can do the trick as well but my search was not fruitful.
Feel free to add to the list.

Additionally, I want to know if people are actually interested in this sort of project so there is a poll.