Gaming Skills May Have Saved Man's Life


Press X for Nitros

Video [media=youtube]6-ghL3GmPkA[/media]


by this logic I should start my own crazy taxi service and make some cu-rahzy money!


“Everything seemed to slow down…”

OMG. He’s Sirlin Jr.



but seriously that feeling of time slowing down is completely true.


Oh shit hahahahaha! Made my day :rofl:


I call bullshit.

That looks waaaay too much like a QT event.

As I see it.


This is Knowing all over again!



Is that another word for Yomi©?


It’s what made Sirlin’s article so funny, adrenaline and muscle memory is magic.


I fucking hate the 401.


i believe it


I’ve been going through that part of 401 twice a week for the past few years.

Nothing special.


I like how the car is dead silent until the truck has passed. you would think someone would of atleast gasped or the chick scream or something.


My gaming skills have never done anything for me except give me useless knownledge. I would say that it has helped me to develope out of the box thinking skills, but jumping down random huge holes to see if treasure is there just doesn’t seem practical in real life.


Fucking blue shells.


:rofl: You know you like them blue shells.



wish I can say grand turismo 2 saved my life


Initial D, mang.


He’s Neo & just did some Matrix bullet time action.


Still doesn’t make him a D Driver…