Gaming stuff for sale / Help me get to EVO D:


Will update this thread with stuff I find here lying around that I can sell to help get my butt to evo and survive for the week.

Most stuff can be delivered locally in san diego. If you are not in the area maybe we can meet up at super arcade this week if you live close by. Some tiems can be shipped but those will be noted in the items description.

Street Fighter x Tekken 360 Arcade Stick. Brand new never taken out of the box. $100.

Xbox 360 Madcatz Red Fightstick. Slightly used, only a few times when going to tournaments. I have other sticks I use when practicing at home.
Come in original box with padded foam. $80. (Not willing to ship this atm. Most likely a Super Arcade/San Diego Saltmines meetup.)

Cruiser PC200-I PC & PS4 Gaming Headset sealed- $40

Tritton Detonator Stereo Headset for Xbox 360 opened once just to connect it and see how it works - $40

Excellent Adventures of Gootecks and Mike ross T shirt. I believe this was a Brokentier exclusive and has been sold out for some time.
I have one in a Size Large, sealed in plastic. $30 shipped. - Preview of shirt

I’ll add more stuff later. PM me! =]


OG version of TR or the Super Duper Ultimate version (whatever its called)?


is the fightstick, the Fightstick pro?


OG version i think. its the redemption code that comes bundled with new xbox 360’s.


Fightstick Pro. This one.


PM sent


Pm replied :3


Price drop on Xbox Points / Marketplace cash.


going to add more stuff. Its evo crunch time!

Price drop on Xbox Marketplace cash!


Added Cruiser PC200-I PC & PS4 Gaming Headset


Added Tritton Detonator Stereo Headset for Xbox 360


Updated with Brokentier T shirt.


Street Fighter x Tekken 360 Stick added!


The Street Fighter x Tekken 360 Stick is pro version right?


Yeah, its the “Line Edition”


is it sold?


Its up for grabs. Local/Super Arcade meet up only at the moment, not thinking of shipping it out. those shipping costs, ugh.


Tomb Raider 360 sold!


Microsoft points sold!