Gaming stuff for sale! MVC3 Special Edition Sealed, Xbox Live!, EVO2K8 Sealed DVD's and more!

Payment must be sent via Paypal. Will ship items asap. 48 States only plz.

Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition PC Download Code! 30$
(Must have a steam account and games for windows live. If you buy this code im assuming you know how to redeem it.)

4000 Microsoft Points. 43$ sold! to SPs

Comic Con Exclusive ULTIMATE Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 T- Shirt Sealed!
20$ Shipped. Sold to mvc2demon! Image of shirt on the left.

TE Stick Keychain Gold Edition! 21$ Shipped. sold to pillar of heaven

Xbox 360 Marvel Vs Capcom 3 Special Edition Sealed. 52$ Shipped.

I am open to negotiation. All prices are OBO as well. :eek: Shoot me a pm and lets talk :slight_smile:

Also im looking for Triumvir Shirts -XL- , Capcom Fight Club T Shirts (Juri New York and Shadaloo/S.I.N San Francisco) and Catherine for either Xbox 360 or PS3.

Can u pm me more info please

Bump, Price drop.

More stuff added!

Bump. more stuff!

is the mvc3 still available?

MvC3 just was sold. I have 360 Sealed Special edition but probably wont let it go unless the price was right.

Thanks! Looking forward to getting that game. :tup:

Updated thread. Added some more stuff.

If I get a status update from Paris in the next few days and he says he’s sending my stick, I might get that MvC3 from you.

Ok. It’s still here if you are interested.

Bump! New stuff added!

New items added and price drops!

Is Evo 2k8 the year Yossan came over and dominated in Guilty Gear?

If so I’m interested in Disc 2 (I think that’s the disc that has it)

There is no Guilty Gear featured on either disc.

The Evo dvds will be sold as a package, so no individual disc sales.

Price drops! Help me get to Evo <3

Added the Golden TE Stick Key-chain!

I will take the golden TE keychain. Pm’d

Payment received. Will ship out asap!

Offering $40 for xbl 12 month