Gaming Surround Sound System Suggestions?

I tried searching but couldn’t find anything on sound systems.

I just bought a 32" Bravia LCD and am looking for a good 5.1 system to hook up to it. Looking for something in the 5-600$ range. Wireless would be a plus but isn’t a neccesity. Also I want one that I can hook a nice set of headphones to, so if you have any suggestions on those as well.

Best buy had a few different ones, but the only one hooked up was this huge, 1500$ setup. They had a Bravia sound system, but it looked chinsy.

I’d go with something like this:
Onkyo HT-SR800

I’m looking for something around 300 bucks for my xbox 360. Anything decent around that price range?

I have an onkyo system and im pretty happy with the way its come out so far. Ive had it for a lil less than a year.

ps3 (fiber optic)
Cable TV & DVR (also FO)

Ill upgrade pretty soon, but i recommend it

edit: then again im not an EXPERT but yeah

Onkyo 605 is nice av receiver. Usually under $400. Frys is having a deal for $350 this weekend

Then build your sound up. Start w/ some bookshelf speakers and a sub.

Add some surrounds and center channel. You will not regret it.

The details in the sound will be amazing and make your 32" scream.

anyone have a muteki.

I thought about getting this in the future

I would go with his suggestion. I’ve had my onkyo 605 receiver since they came out last year and its an awesome receiver for the price.

As a speaker builder myself, I’d say that’s the way to go. However, it requires patience and an keen eye for bargains on good speakers themselves.

Get a reciever with multiple fiber optic inputs. Onkyo has good stuff, and Fry’s tend to have their stuff on sale a lot of the time.

I myself have a $100 KLH 5.1 reciever, has 500 watts. Good sound for the price. If you have the space and money, go big.

I probably wouldn’t bother unless you’re really looking to conserve space. You can get a good sounding full surround sound for 700 dollars. Plus, we’ve got this one on display at my store and it sounds like crap.

I imagine the one you linked probably isn’t too far off, though I could be wrong.

If you get a “Home Theatre in a Box” aka Htib, you’ll need one of these:

Also, you’ll need a total of 4 Optical Cables for the switch. You can get cheap optical cables (toslink) at:

I currently have a Ps3, Xbox 360 and Digital Tv hooked up to the switch and it works great.

EDIT: If you’re gonna go 7.1 you might as well make sure the receiver can do Dolby True HD and DTS-HD like this HT Package from Samsung:

so what kind of speakers you recommend ? I am looking for the best of the best. I love building stuff…

and friend of mine recommended this receiver…what you guys think ?

I would suggest Panasonic and Yamaha home-theatre systems & if you have the money then try Denon.

Agreed. I bought and returned Yamaha, Onkyo, and Harmon Kardon receivers before I just finally ponied up the cash and got a real nice Denon receiver. I don’t regret that decision at all…Denons are the stuff :tup:

Building a cheap system with only 600$ and expecting results that will go beyond or equal a Home Theatre in a Box with the same price. Well, that is nonsense and even if you are happy with the sound, you will never know the difference until you hear the real thing.

For 600$ a little less/little more a Home Theatre in a Box is the way to go, but for a real HI-FI system (AV receiver,preamp,DVD-CD or CD players,speakers,cables etc.), 600$ is nothing at all.

To get a really good results for you money, you must have the base knowledge & the money. With the money you can get the best but a good base knowledge will save you from making wrong choices and losing you money.

Finally, the reasonable price for a real HI-FI components is around 10,000$.

I got the older model of this one. It’s great considering it was only 300 bucks. This ones 70 bucks more plus it’s black.

Unless convenience and saving space is an absolute premium, there’s no way I would waste my money on this. For less cash, you can get the Onkyo 7.1 system and a fantastic Panasonic Blu-Ray player. That way, you don’t have a player built into your receiver, increasing reliability exponentially (I work at circuit city, and I see the DVD/Receiver combos from these types of systems come back much more frequently than stand-alones), and you’re not screwed if one or the other craps out on you. You also have many more connectivity options.

Although we haven’t gotten it into my store yet, I’m willing to bet money that the sub on this thing is passive.

My vote is for buying a good two channel setup and building from there. It will sound better than a mediocre 5.1 system. You can add more speakers when you have more money. is a great place to learn about electronics, especially speakers and receivers.

Denon makes great quality products. I have the 3808ci and it’s an awesome receiver. I’m a big Paradigm speaker fan, but it’s more than most people want to spend. :slight_smile:

a big factor in home theater setups is also the size of the place. are you in an apartment? do you have to worry about neighbors? is this in a bedroom, or a very open space like a living room? these are pretty big factors.

if you are looking for good 5.1 surround. please avoid home theater in a box setups if you can. if you are putting this in a bedroom or a room thats not big. you shouldnt have to worry about how much power the receiver cranks. besides, theres no real good accurate way to measure watts, so most receiver manufacturers grossly inflate their numbers to sound better to the consumer who likes to see big numbers.

also like others mention, just build yourself a home theater set and work your way up. look out for good deals on speakers. they are out there. do your homework for sure.

but if you are really strapped for cash. i think receivers like the harman kardon av147 ($400) and 247 ($500) models are pretty good. i put a 147 in my bedroom and that thing is a fucking champ. paired up with some polk RM6750 5.1 satellite speakers. these speakers generally retail for 500bucks. but places liek frys electronics usually put them on sale for 200 bucks, a lot. thats how i scored mine. plus i bought my hk av147 receiver off ebay from an authorized hk seller for 200bucks shipped, brand new. so definitely start on ebay if you want to go that route with receivers. the 147 only outputs a measly 45watts per channel in 5.1 mode. but when the room isnt ginormous, that shit dont even matter,. i blast my system playing movies and games and it performs wonderfully.

downside to a 147 is the hdmi ports dont carry audio. so you have to have audio go thru a fiber optic port, digital coax port, or standard stereo jacks. also the receiver doesnt have a video scaler, so you wouldnt be able to plug in an old progressive scan dvd player into the receiver, and out it to 1080P quality upconversion. itll display, it jsut wont upscan the image quality. but if all your stuff being used on your tv is HD enabled (360, ps3, hd dvd, blu ray, dvd with hdmi and upconversion), then this feature is irrelevant. this one is also just a 5.1 receiver, not a 7.1 receiver. so all the new blu ray and hd dvd lossless audio formats (dolby true HD and DTS HD) are not supported. but youll still have the standard dolby digital 5.1 and dts 5.1.

if those features are important, you may want to upgrade and get maybe a pioneer elite VSX series, an HK AV347 or an onkyo 805 THX series. not sure if the lower priced 605 does DTS HD or dolby HD. but either way, this is where its a lot more pricey. i got an onkyo 805 in my living room with some mirage surround speakers. man that receiver is a fucking monster. not to mention it weighs a ton. only downside is that it runs pretty damn hot. but i purchased a cooling kit for like 20+ bucks to cool it down.

in the end, do a lot of research. dont be blinded by simple watts power outtage stats. shit usually means nothing, most of the time, since its usually not accurate. and just think about the features you want.

Sabre I know you said to stay away from the home theaters in a box setups but whats your opinion on this one?

I have a pretty big bedroom and I want to get true 5.1 on my ps3 and 360. Would this be any good?

I’m not looking for anything crazy. I just want a decent sound system with true 5.1 where I can hear shit behind me and ect.