Gaming syndrome Fail/Win

I just don’t get it. One day I am AWESOME with my SETH and then other days I completely SUCK with him. I find myself losing all my life dude to stupid things like air tatsu’s and hadokens. It makes me so frustrated. I REALLY love playing SETH but I just cant seem to win most of the time. I practice my jabs into Cr. MP to legs but ONLINE it doesnt link! I try to do Sonic boom FADC to HP to legs but i get something completely else like the Efffin Engine. Yesterday my seth was the boss but today he is such a chump i feel like forgetting this game all together.

Does anyone else have this? Your awesome one day and then the next Three days you SUCK?
If so how can i prevent this from occurring because it has been my syndrome all my life.

Gosh, I feel like going back to marvel.

have to play near perfectly all the time with seth and online’s random lag factor will make seth lose sometimes. just have to accept it and move on, remembering to take a break if you’re getting frustrated because you will do muuuch worse with seth in particular if you aren’t on top of your mind games. getting tanden engine sounds like an execution error on your part though.

Complain about lag in SSF4 and then say you wanna go back to marvel. lol

Also, online is just a tool to get better at the game. Whenever I lose to random lag factor, I brush it off. But writing off actual losses as due to “stupid stuff” doesn’t help me get better.

I play fine on Marvel. High Internet Speed than the norm.

I guess I am the only one with this syndrome … T.T I wonder how can I deal with it. I usually dont play the game at all.

With Seth honestly it can be a crapshoot. Very rarely you see a match with Seth in it where “its close” Its not due to lack of skill or any of that, its just that Seth can get randomed out easy. He can get dizzied in 1 combo from some characters and his health is garbage. If you’re even slightly off you’re pretty much screwed when it comes to seth. Comes with the territory. Happens to me all the time.