Gaming tables


Hey I was at evo and saw all the cafe Id guys setting up their tables. Anybody know where I can buy one of those?


They were obviously DIY


Where could i go to buy the parts? home depot maybe?


It depends on what parts they used, but most likely Home Depot has what you need. Personally, I’d be more interested and/or concerned about HOW they built the table. A bunch of scrap metal, wood, and fasteners isn’t going to build itself, so you’ll need some sort of basic blueprint to run off of.


Those were cool weren’t they?


Any pictures of what you’re talking about?


this is the picture i took when i was at EVO


What exactly does it do…? If you can show me pictures of what it is and what you want it to do I can probably come up with a design schematic for making something similar with Home Depot parts for you.


The table can set its height level with possibly a lever and perfectly fits for the legs in the middle. Then they have the chair looking part where DAT SHIRT is.


this is the only pic i could get of it. ima look on karaface photos and see if he/she has a better picture of it.



It looks like they used some kind of bolt together framing. When I search, I keep coming up with T-slot stuff which is probably overkill…


Oh, I see. So you want a collapse-able, height adjustable table for your fight stick. That should actually be easy to design – I’ll see if I can come up with something simple and cheap for you. (Give me a couple of days.)


Looks like they just modded some steel shelving.


Bolts, steel framing, a sheet of plywood/mdf. that’s pretty much it. Crude but effective.


For the 2148 friends he has added from FB since KOFXIII came out, it’s exactly as you see in the photos and what Zensouken said was used.


This would be great.


I’m more interested in the JoyTron EXChanger in that pic.


You could go for something like this, im sure it would work pretty well