Gaming Teams Like Type-Z?

[ Type-Z ]

I’m looking for other team sites as well.

hurf durf EG

find them on your own and stop making crappy threads

Evil Genius is EG. But seriously though, why the hell are you making so many threads? If you are doing research with our help, you are doing it in the most culturally inappropriate way.

I dunno…but, I need the help. So thanks for those who answer.

i hope it gets really cold outside and you stub your big toe.

I have this odd feeling that he just made an account just to ask for websites… in any case, fuck you… and your thread.

For my field of study, what your doing is 10 kinds of unethical behavior so start fessing up to what is it that you are trying to accomplish.

joined yesterday- made at least 3 threads. :cool:

Here’s what I’ve personally found. I do want to contribute.

Team Dignitas | Facebook
n!faculty A Professional Gaming Team
Evil Geniuses -
[ Type-Z ]
Buddah Tribe

Just look for sponsored Counter Strike, TF2, or Quake teams. Cause they usually have teams for multiple games.