is this ball-top name brand, or generic? he doesn’t say…

also will this “dark hai” ball-top match the same gray on the sanwa black/gray buttons from te fightstick?

i would get the sanwa ones from lizardlick but they’re not doing business right now.


The ball top is** totally** a straight rip off from China and I hear the bottoms starts to crack after about a few hours of playing. that cheap bastard, how dare he sale 3rd rate ball tops…


Well it comes on a sanwa stick, so I’m pretty sure it is a sanwa balltop. Either way it doesn’t matter it is just a balltop. I got one of these from gamingnow and it def does it’s job.


I am pretty sure it is sanwa and it is name brand. It will match the buttons on your TE.


Why not just ask the him yourself? He does have a thread open


Why would someone sell JLFs with aftermarket balltops? That would cost more than just including the original balltop.


must be becaues of that lead based paint!!!


LOLZ. Knock off balls. Heh heh. :rofl:

The ball that came stock on my SE is actually lopsided, so beware the knock off balls. :wgrin:


All my balls work 100%


My ball says “Vosachi” wtf!?


As long as the ball isn’t inert, it should be fine :slight_smile:


What if they are touching!? :lol:


my ball is covered n memory foam


The other one must be cold.


ordered some parts on march 28th, finally get a shipping confirmation today. woot.


All of the balls on the website are either Sanwa or Seimitsu.
Dark-Hai is Sanwa


Its sanwa…I bought balls from him like a month ago or something


You’re ruining the fun with a serious answer…

Now I want a memory foam covered balltop…


just wondering are these ball tops bigger then the ones that come on the hori fighting sticks



The sizes are standardized for the sticks and the ball handles are interchangeable between the JLF and LS-32 sticks and the Hori Tekken 5 ball handle. The Hori hardware that isn’t Sanwa or Seimitsu tends to be about the same size. I’ve taken off the Tekken 5 ball handles and despite the flatter bottom which makes the ball handle itself a bit shorter than the other two varieties (Sanwa and Seimitsu) the screw thread size is exactly the same as a JLF/LS-32 shaft. I’ve even used the the T5 ball handle on a Sanwa shaft for a while. The T5 red color molding is fairly close to Sanwa’s red ball handle.

The Hori Real Arcade Pro sticks use Sanwa JLF joysticks so the ball handles on these are Sanwa parts, too. It’s the lower grade sticks like the Tekken 5 and Fighting Sticks that use all-Hori parts. I can’t verify this on the FS line but I do know for sure that the T5 is standardized to Sanwa measurements for both the ball handle and dust cover on its joystick.

While we’re on the subject of ball handles, Nareg, is there an ETA on when you can get other meshball handle colors? I, for one, wouldn’t mind getting a green meshball and possibly another red meshball, too.

Yeah, I have a fixation on the color red… :slight_smile: