- Closeout Clearance!



Hey everyone,
We are filling orders within a two business day schedule now. I’m extending an invitation to everyone to come check out the new webshop with some nice new items and new shipping policies.

Were stocking over 150 items now which were all thoughtfully considered to be of interest to home-arcade hobbyists. Not all of them are on the website yet, but we do have at least 140 items up as of August 09. This webshop is aimed specifically at this community of modders and is not some general purpose amusements store or computer parts site.

Most importantly, our real-time inventory tracking system makes sure that the items you order are in-stock and ready to reach your door within a matter of 2-5 days from payment.



Do you still have these parts and what part of california are you located in. Maybe i can pick them up instead of you having to ship them.


Yep, I am in Ventura County / Newbury Park area.


ahhh ok, i am in nor cal :frowning: I msged you on live, maybe i can catch you online.


stuff went to


This is good since lizardlick is currently in high volume and shipping will take awhile and its 80 cents cheaper!

Im gonna be pickuping a few buttons myself, ill shoot you a pm, you happen to have any dark hai balltops as well ??

for anyone wondering what the color is - Dark Hai


You wouldn’t happen to have any sanwa gt-y octogates laying around would you?


I might need a mounting plate if i pick up a stick buttons as his stick doesn’t come with the mounting plate.

BTW does the stick drop into a se fightstick?


paypal’d and pm’d you


just got back from the post office and i was a few mins late, they had closed.
Anyway, these were the packages I was trying to ship, which will go out tomorrow along with whatever else I get to tonight:
Jimmy - wireless 360 board
Malsoon - 6 buttons
Air - 8 butt / 1 jlf
Hueng - 8 butt / 1 jlf
Robert - custom stick
Jeremy - 8 buttons 1 jlf
Sepulvida - 8 buttons


Thanks so much!


Just put an order in for a joystick, 6 buttons, and a mounting plate. Can’t wait to get the parts. Can’t wait to make my stick for SF4…


I know the feeling, waiting for the part too, maybe will come in on Monday.


PM’ed you. Thanks for everything.


Is all this stuff new?


Yeah everything is brand new.


Sent Payment, thanks for the great deal!


Sent payment.


Do you still stock available?


Sent payment.