Hello guys, I’m Gary Francis from, we’re a newly formed gaming site just trying to get off the ground, and due to my roots in the fighting game community I didn’t want to just be into mainstream games, I really wanted to stay connected with the FGC, covering tournaments and providing real reviews/previews/impressions for fighting games, to try to keep the community afloat.

I know there are a whole lot of fighting games coming out this year, most of which probably won’t make it over to this side for a long time. Any input or criticism(constructive please) would be greatly appreciated. You can contact us on our message boards which we do check everyday or by IM(PM for the screennames if you’re interested).

Before anyone says it, we’re just starting and we’re broke so I don’t know how possible it’ll be for us to cover anything like EVO or SBO as much as I’d love to.