Gamma Tornado - Impact Punch Tech / What combos to use?

Well couple things, one a bit of tech I found while messing around with gamma tornado which is (not sure if this is talked about or common knowledge) it seems like hulk as an extremely strong option with his standing M into impact punch in that if they dont block it you can confirm it into impact punch (forward M) for a full combo, or if they do block (And dont pushblock) it you can on reaction do impact punch cancelled into Gamma Tornado which gives you a bit of super armor right before going into the throw, and also makes the sound “HULK SMASH” as if you were doing the full impact punch, and is almost like a block string as the grab happens almost the instant after they leave block stun. Also if it is push blocked you have lots of time to react to do whatever you need to do to make yourself safe or continue pressure.

I also wanted to ask what is a good combo you can do after a gamma tornado. I use wesker assist and as long as I am midscreen or in the corner I can get a full combo, but when I’m grabbing them out of the corner I am not sure what is the best thing to do after picking them up with the wesker assist, since I cant bring them all the way to the other corner with any way simple way I know. Right now I am simply doing a standing :m:->:f::m:->:s:->air :m::m::h::s:->(charge if needed to get closer)->:qcf::atk: :atk:
There is a method to turn a full screen gamma throw into a corner combo that I found but it is pretty difficult to do for me at the moment so I am looking for something simpler.

After you land a Command Throw and call wesker for the otg, do dashxx j.m j.h j.S that will push them past the mid-screen point where you can do your combo.