Gamma Wave



I’m a noob to fighting games but i’m putting the work into MvC3… for some reason i’m having trouble with Hulk’s Gamma Wave. I feel like such a scrub asking this too because it seems so simple

<-- charge --> + ATK

for some reason i can’t manage this simple attack. i’m not sure if i’m an idiot or it’s this awful 360 dpad or a combination of the two… either way can you guys explain how to do this or give me some tips of some sort?


dont use the d pad use the joy stick


charge back for a second of two,then move the pad to forward motion without taking your thumb off the pad and push an attack button.


i went into training and put on the input display and it seems whenever i use the d pad and i think i’m going straight across it throws in an up or a diagonal too for some reason… crappy dpad -__-
thanks though guys


Exactly how long do you need to wait for the backwards charge? Think that’d be something good to know.


To be honest, there doesn’t need to be a thread for this. A question this simple could have been asked in the Hulk general thread.

1.5 - 2 seconds.


Pretty sure it’s shorter than that, seeing as you can charge up a wave in the time it takes you to fall down from an air combo. In fact, I’ve found that you can do a second Gamma Wave immediately after completing a Gamma Wave, and that you can in fact use this to infinite enemy assist characters (since the assist character doesn’t have hitstun decay, the Gamma waves will keep hitting). If your enemy is slow-witted, they won’t close the screen distance while you’re doing this and you can get in several reps and then combo into a Gamma Tsunami for what basically amounts to a free kill.