GG man. 7 to 3 your favor. That guile vs Sagat game was bs. My bro jumped on in the middle of our match and you killed him wih a full bar when I needed 1 hit.

Next time you will see more of my main team my brother. Till then gwhaha. You kicked my ass this time.


Heh heh heh, yeah good games. You had some nice mix-ups! I think your best characters are Bison, Blanka, and Ken. Stick to em!!!

Yeah I was wondering how the FUCK I beat you with 1 hit left and you had a full bar. I would have shit bricks and killed a dog if that happened to me.

I woulda’ had my mic on if I didn’t lose it, maybe next time.

Until then, WORK ON YOUR VEGA! GGS!!!


Oh yeah forgot to mention leaving so early cause I was hungry. Someone eating eating pizza and flaming cheetos in front of me for 6 rounds straight isn’t cool.

Did you get bored after 10 just letting you know cause I can do 15 next time around? I just can’t stick to the same characters over and over like I used to.


I can play till the World ceases to turn and my thumbs turn into tumors.


i’d hate to ask where your hands can get that kind of practice >_<



Masterbation with rose stems.