Gammon's sketch dump

Woop, ill post them in a second.

The Face Whore

HERE WE GO! Enjoy!
I have included a bunch of faces and some very weak and very quick character design sketchs I did for a class.

If one doesn’t work, try the other

One day I’ll draw something thats not a face. :cool:

Tell me what you guys think! BTW, my scanner BLOWS! :mad:

The Face Whore

Is gammon going to draw something besides faces. Just playing. I like those faces alot cause they got great expression.

Yeah i can tell those designs were pretty fast. Good though. So let’s see more.


Thankas SFMC, one of the sketches wasn’t working, check it out now if you want. It was the one called moresketch.jpg

I knew it!

I thought your style reminded me of someone. There was this girl named Bev in my animation class and your style is similar to hers. I like the expressions too. The only one I saw a problem with was one of the dude with mustache. Its the second drawing I believe, the mustache dosent seem to be working in that pic. Maybe its just me. Dont listen to me…


Got ne pictchas from her? I wouldn’t mind seeing em.

na, she moved away

unfourtantly. She was really good.

off topic: thats the worst geocities page ive ever seen.

If I wanted to impress you with my HTML skills then I would repeat this sentence in bold.

If I wanted to impress you with my HTML skills then I would’ve repeated this sentence in bold.

How about that?

Who needs html when you got dreamweaver to do it for you.

Anyways I saw the pic that wasn’t working. very nice I must say.