Gamtime Full Results 9/28

Capcom vs SNK 2
1 James Paige
2 David Fennell
3 Jason Harding
4 Marc Pointer
5 James Stanley
5 Adam Jennings
7 Candace Walker
7 Will Hailstock
9 Anthony Gilbert
9 James Contreras
9 Khang Trinh

3rd Strike
1 Khang Trinh
2 Adam Jennings
3 Anthony Gilbert
4 David Fennell
5 Marc Pointer
5 James Stanley
7 James Contreras
7 Gabriel Comacho
9 Manos Kourkoulakos

Tekken and ST to be added later. I’ll throw everything into APEX soon.

no MvC2?

not enough people to sign up i guess:bluu:

no MVC2…whoa…glad I didnt go LOL


it’s obvious MD owns 3S now. -_-

yay i’m dead last.
instead of being tied with 4 other people so i can feel slightly better, im the only one so that means i’m worse than everybody, how special am i… :(:(:(:frowning:

excuse: i had the av war on my mind :stuck_out_tongue:

speaking of mind; i heard the pics from last tournament went up. do you mind telling me where they are :smiley:


Maryland is too good. No one can’t mess with us. Maryland has made two of the top spots. We will have to erase the name that VA has made for themselves completely. Now hopefully I can make it to the next one. Way to go Khang and Anthony. :smiley:

How the hell did Candace get higher than Anthony in CvS2. Oh well I could tell that it was an interesting tournament.


Rival Darick Perez, me and you next tourney 1st round.

4 people signed up… and 7 or 8 people were about to sign up until they saw there was only 4 on the list. comedy.

Ha! you didn’t do worse than everyone (Gabriel went out in 2), you and voodoo just had the unfortunate luck of being the only people in 3rd without a first round bye. :frowning: When brackets aren’t perfect 8s/16s/32s/64s entries, weird crap like that happens. for the Sept 7th tournament pictures. I took more at this tournament, but I don’t think they will be as interesting.


Anthony won his first round match, but lost the next two games. Candace lost her first round match - had a bye - ANOTHER bye because that MCA kid left - then lost her next match.

uhhh…what could be more interesting than seeing antoine drop his fries and then get laughed at x2? :lol:


B chun is Toooooooooooo good.:smiley:

I’m glad i couldn’t make it:p



From my point of view coming late…the most exciting match of the evening was MarcP againt dude in the glasses…nice ass match.

Anyhow, told yall it should have been on the fifth.

Oh I see cats are deciding to bring there girls to GT all of a sudden, ha ha…:rolleyes:

Anyhow as me an will said, i would just call that an exhibition not a tournament.




Well I had lots of fun!!!:cool:

This tourney was so layed back!!!

I wanted a small tournament… i got a small tournament. Worked out great for me.

bet it did… 2nd place…wish i can be a baller like you…:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Hey dave I posted the tekken results at tekkenzaibatsu.:cool:

Great MvC2 tournament! Huge turnout, lots of quality matches, finals went down to the wire, and I think everyone had a great time.



Eh Dave wot is ur site again for the pics?

the pics from the tourney over the weekend are not up yet… but you can look at the old 9/7 tournament pics here

december 31st

Gametime will be closing December 31st. Mr.Mike will be selling the games… so you may come into GT one day and see a lot of cabinets missing. He is getting the prices ready now, so if you want first crack at something you’d better contact him asap. The tournament games will NOT be for sale until we are finished with them. That includes cvs2, mvc2, 3rd strike, and ST.

I’ll try to have at least 4 more tournaments before Gametime closes. I have a few ideas for the last one but I won’t give the details until later. :stuck_out_tongue: All ideas are welcome of course.