Gamtime Full Results 9/28

welll we have the make the last tourney special


Starts to sing Yesterday by the Beatles.:frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

Damn that is sad. :(:(:frowning:

I got dibs on the NBA Jam cab!

Man…that is shitty…I hate that he is closing…GT was the place to be :frowning:

I bet someone out there is going to fork out a pretty penny for CVS2…

Hey why is he closing it again?


Mr.Mike faxed me some prices… Call him up if you are interested in anything. 703.823.9505

Marvel vs Capcom 2 $1000
Capcom vs SNK 2 $1200
Street Fighter Alpha 3 $600
Marvel vs Capcom 1 $700
Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo $700
Tekken 4 $1200
Tekken Tag Tournament $900
NFL Blitz $900
NBA Hangtmie $800
Metal Slug 3 $900
Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike $750
Psychic Force 2010 $400
King of Fighters 2000 $900
Capcom Bowling $600
Lethal Enforcers $800
Ms.Pac-man $600
Jr. Pac-man $500
1945 Plus $800
Arknoid $450
Final Lap $750
Puzzle Bobble $600
Dungeons and Dragons $400
Soul Caliber $700
Varth $700
Baseball Stars (out of order) $200

Bill Changer 1 $750
Bill Changer 2 $500

Air Hockey Table $1500
Basketball Game $500
Goofy Hoops $500
Jurassic Park Pinball $1300
Fish-Tales Pinball $1600

Ok so i heard that i could buy a super turbo cabby out of a bubble gum mechine is that true??? if not i would be intrested in buying the damned thing LOL or 3rd strike or something

Damn. I wanted to go and own up.

Now this leaves the final question that folks may want to know.


I mean by the MAIN ONE. Since GT was the home to Beltway, Forrestville, City Place, etc…where will it be now?

Cause im damn sho aint travelin to Richmond, matter of fact anywhere further than GT…

I mean if not of fuccin well, ill just see yall when i see yall or when i invite yall over to the crib…but just wanted to know?

chances are things will die…unless we find a place…make a place or soemthing VA wont have a place NNPP is all we have right now and all they have is MvC2…and richmond will probably be the best bet but who from MD will travel that far for once a month like they did for GT…it’s going to become more of a trash talkign event on srk b/c no one will be able to prove anything LOL


We have some rumors here of a local guy buying a spot and filling it up with some good fighting games…

we will see what happens in time…

but a quick question…why doenst someone offer to buy up Mr Mikes entire spot? Someone else could buy it and get a lease and just run it as is…I am sure there has to be some money in that location…


Which one of us has like a couple Gs that we can spend on an investment like that? most of the people at GT either have a job already, or are a student…Maybe we can try to buy up all the cabinets from GT and sell them to springfield mall… :smiley:


Looks like there gonna be alotta house tournaments…


I have plenty of money…but I dont know if I would want to invest in it…


well, yeah that’s the other thing. i don’t really think arcades are a profitable business. especially when less people go to GT every day. i dunno, it’d be great if people with money, like you :smiley: decided to take one for the team


if you buy that place you better relocate. That place is in the CUT. I mean there is no real buisness bust going on in that area. And the mear fact if you dont pay attention you will past that place like its a sweat shop or sumin.

I understand why mister mike is rollin out. Hell if i were him id just relocat to a better area were folks are rampant.

A moment of silence for GT, the finest arcade in the metropolitan area for 10 years plus…

<bows head in reverance>

A truly sad day for the scene.

You better have 50G’s lying around, cuz i heard thats how much he wants for GT. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

50Gs? damn…=X either way – we only need the top game cabinets right…? at most what…cvs2/mvc2/3s/t4?

He tried to move GT, but couldn’t find a good, affordable location. It’s not easy to put an arcade up in Alexandria, you have to have a special license just for it, and have to pass some kind of city council zoning vote or something. Since arcades are places of scum and villainy. =p He told me all about it one day. It’s just not easy to move, especially in that area. Anyways since arcade games are pretty much dead, it’s only natural that the business isn’t profitable anymore. Everyone stop wasting your time and money playing arcade games and buy Warcraft 3!