GANGNAM STYLE Most Viewed Youtube Video, Bieber fans commiting suicide

At first I didnt find the video fun, but after so many ppl talking about it I gave it a second chance, anyways, congrats to Psy for reaching the spot 1, hopefully his next video becomes as popular as Gangnam style, he really deserves the success, Bieber fans where r u now HA!

Also, it might be the first video hitting the 1 billion views.


i have also congradulated psy on his success. lets admit it, even if you hate the song…its a really fun & funny vid. i’ve watched it 3-5 times myself. once with spanish subtitles so i actually finally knew what the hell hes rappin about.
gangnam dance has to be popular as a dance in clubs and wedding right? right!

plus i like those yellow adidas that guy in the yellow suit wears.
and the girl in the vid is cute.

i wonder what the mainland koreans think of all of this psy success and gangnam’s exposure to the world.
hulu has korean dramas now.
i useta watch me some korean drama back in the day…on the few korean tv channels here in new york…if the drama had english subtitles that is. but i miss the japanese tv channel that went off the air though. thats where i saw original non-western power rangers back when i was a kid. oh and yoshimune vii also known as abarenbo shogun! best samurai tv show ever!!! must watch! highly recommended!

a few weeks ago I was in k town and spotted a kbbq place with a big sign that said “gangnam style” for no reason lol

ib4 “im so sick of this song”

I saw someone random do the dance in public while acting like nothing was happening. Nobody even noticed but I did and I wanted that person to get hit by a fucking bus.

I think GS is one the few dances you can do in public and no one would really care

also did any bieber fans commit suicide? if not im disappointed…

GGs music world, you just got Zerg Rushed.


Sent to the Internet with Smoke Signaltalk. Buy your matches and blanket in the Trading Outlet for $20 shipped. Firewood sold separately.

Simpsons used to be a great show.

Where does Gangnam Style rank amongst the greatest dances of our lifetime? The Macarena? The Dip? The Achy-Breaky? Has Psy reached this tier with his dance?

If anyone is interested in wtf he’s saying

I thought the song was catchy and I like the satire

It’s catchy and cheesy…that’s pretty much the key to success on youtube music wise (aka music in general now). It’s Chocolate Rain that actually makes money.

It’s pretty much the epitome of what a viral video is about. Something that can appeal to all ages and groups of people. You show kids this…they’ll like the goofyness about it. Show an older person this…they’ll like the cheesy take on gettin bicches and riding nice cars etc. Even the people on the Today show are whacking off to the song (well they already whack out to every cheesy popular song as it is).

It’s basically the youtube era’s Who Let The Dogs Out. You were like borderline satanic to everyone else if you didn’t like that song.

The “Gangnam Style” video is at least clever and funny, and I’m told the lyrics contain some kind of a social message. Those things alone elevate “Gangnam Style” above the empty-headed pap of “Macarena”, “Who Let the Dogs Out?”, “Mambo #5” or whatever.

Plus, Psy isn’t some hand-picked American artist being rammed down our throats by the entertainment industry. I’m sure he had absolutely no idea what he was in for when he made the song and video, so it’s pretty damn heartwarming that he’s become a household name in a country halfway around the world from him.

Listening to it sucks, but watching it is cool.


Mike and Mike’s version:oops:

You’re upset someone was enjoying themselves dancing? I bet you’re the type of guy who lays off to the side at dances/clubs looking emo.

You should probably work out those anger issues bro… it’s a dance, calm the fuck down.



I just hate how everyone and their mother feel they’re hip to K-Pop when all they know is this song. I could play any other K-Pop song and everyone will have a problem, but play Gangnam Style and you have yourself a party. Fucking Americans. :bluu:

I will go on record and say that I know absolutely nobody–literally out of everybody currently in my life–to whom this applies.