Garbage Community Attitudes

Brother. I’m new here I get that. But, the jabronies on here. Literally parallel the other “leet” players, I’ve seen and dealt with on Metal Gear Online. Is it me? Or has the FGC succumbed to some thuggish wanna be rapper mentality and/or attitude?

FGC is beyond tame compared to what it was in the early aughts.


You on the wrooooong forum brutha.

And we hate everyone and always have. If you want respect you gotta win. Put up or shut up.

If you mean just SRK…man we old and tame as fuck now. Just shout at you get the fuck off the lawn.


I got a full time career homie, playing video games isn’t my life. Just like to play for fun. But, that’s the attitude I’m questioning. You wonder why Capcom doesn’t listen to you guys lmao.

I wish Capcom would listen to us less.

And that’s fine if that’s your mentality but it’s pretty silly of you to expect others to come at it with the same energy you do. That forums is for learning how to win so the people using it are geared towards learning to win.

Yeah sure. So, what do you mean Stuart? The environment is kinda like hangin out at Valero/BP at 3am.

Back in the early 2000s we where way more hostile and aggressive about winning and turning out any posers and wannabes we could. It was an incredibly competitive environment and there was no room for family men with careers and hobbies.


Pretty much this. Early aughts was peak marvel country. You were either GDLK or you got off the sticks. If you didn’t play to win we’d question why you even bothered trying to learn the game in the first place.

This reflected on the forums at tournaments regardless of the game. At the same time: once you got in good with a group of players they were super supportive of all your endeavors and do whatever they could to level you up in whatever game you wanted to focus on.

It was very clique-ish, very territorial (local arcades having their best players going against each others plus east coast vs west coast marvel wars were the best), but there was also a huge amount of respect and brother hood among the players.

Most the time you had to force you way into the community to see the positives more than the negatives. Just had to be careful how you did it. It was very much a trail by fire environment

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Yup, definitely cliquey. And, don’t get me wrong. I like arcade fighters as much as the next guy. But, this is just goofy imo. It’s laughable, I guess I’m too casual lol :rofl:

Different times man. It’s nothing like how I just explained it. Back then it was the fucking Wild West. Now fighters are super approachable. Whether it’s mechanically or community wise. The latter is especially true with popular but still niche games like NRS titles. They just want people to play the game, get better and then teach others what they were taught.


I’ve been on this forum so long that telling someone “go to event hubs” was a scathing insult


Just not the community for you, that’s all. The people who use the boards here are hyper competitive. You’re a really casual player. Nothing wrong with that. Try somewhere else. Event Hubs maybe?

@StuartHayden Hey man we are a shadow of our former selves. Event Hubs does a lot of shit better then we do now, sad but true.

Still…fuck Event Hubs lol.


Lol nice meme. But you’re probably right. Instead of trying to win a video game tourney for a couple thousand. I’d rather work my job; then be stuck in a cramped room with a bunch of sweaty dudes pressing buttons. No thanks. I’m honestly just going to look for a respectable forum.

Again, this is how you turn people off of fighting games. And games in general. You’re more than likely not going to be in Evo. Just saying. The downfall starts with a unsupportive, elitist group of people.

Whatever floats your boat bro.

And yea we’ve heard it for 30 years that our attitude is poison and yet fighters are bigger then ever. No one gives a shit about your 2 cents. Go find some people who will baby you bro.


Oh tough guy Haha. Hit the nail on the head didn’t I?

You been doing this for 30 years?..geezer wow haha

This turned from a nice stroll around memory lane concerning the history of the community and this forum. Now to someone attacking people who play professional and for telling you this isn’t the forum for you since its doesn’t cater with what you’re looking for? What?

Almost no one on this forum takes fighters extremely serious anymore. Especially in General Discussion.

We are telling you the mind set of the community back then, how much it’s changed (mostly for the better but also for the worst) and how the forum is now and you attack us?

Piss off.

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hey you do what you do. It’s your life. But, to say I’m “attacking”. That’s extreme. It’s an opinion brotato. I just don’t think this forum is good for anybody besides “professional” gamers. Now, I’m going back and forth with this dude.

Just calling it as I see it. You don’t like the community attitude, and you think you are better then other people for dedicating to their hobby more then you do and you assume they have no life or career because you are soft and need to spin reasons in your head for why you are better then them because they where just so mean to poor little you, the only explination is they have no life and and are just sweaty nerds in basement.

Like I said we’ve seen your paper thin machismo for years and years now. You’re a carbon copy of thousands who have come here and disliked the people and spun little lies in their own heads to justify their sour grapes feelings about the community.

We get it. You don’t like us. So leave. Spin whatever tales in your head you need to about people you know nothing about in order to feel good about yourself not fitting in with a group of random internet strangers.

And yea dude I’m 34 years old. I’m an old geezer. Get the fuck off my lawn.


Is it? Cause literally none of them post here and haven’t posted here in over 15 years. Most of the top players these days have never even heard of this forum

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