Garfield Minus Garfield

My guess is everyone knew about it already, but shit, I didn’t. Who knew Garfield was an even funnier comic strip without Garfield?

Go Lakers.

I hate you sir.

It was posted a couple of weeks ago.
Funny stuff though.

April 18th is hilarious! :rofl:

That’s how I saw this site. Someone anonymously sent me an IM linking that comic specifically (the missing the chance to kiss Liz one) cause pretty much every friggin person who knows me knows I’ve liked this girl named Liz for like 7 years & don’t have the balls to make the moves.


These are hilaroius but at the same time some of the most depressing comics ever.


I don’t get what’s so funny. It’s just sad.

these are f’ing hilarious

skidzophrenic jon ftw

Poor Jon. :rofl:

lol, this is way better than real garfield these days. when i was a kid i always felt calvin and hobbes >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> garfield (and every other comic strip)… yet there were some people who thought garfield was the best :confused: . personally, i never liked the comic, but the cartoon was cool =)

calvin and hobbes, and the far side, were the top tier of comics back in the day. much respect to watterson and larson for bowing out gracefully, instead of becoming crappy husks repeating stale formulas and selling solely on nostalgia

For me as a kid, it was all about Calvin & Hobbes, Foxtrot & Sherman’s Lagoon

As much as I LOVE Calvin and Hobbes (I have most of the collections) I have heard that Watterson is a huge ass, personality-wise

It’s funny because it’s sad.

The funniest one is when he yells at empty sardine cans.


this one… what the fuck

excellent find

LOL this is a Robotman rip off. Remember when the Robotman strip got rid of Robotman and Monty took over the show? Greatest move ever. :rofl:

Garfield’s strip hasn’t been funny in over 15 years, nothing’s changed. :arazz:

You mean Mondays still suck? :rofl:

I’ve never seen this, I’m enjoying it but wow is it dark now - that’s soooo wrong