Garou av request

Hey guys, I want a new av (black and white, or some kind of ‘older’ look) with Marco, Tizoc, and Grant. Problem is, I dont know where to find the sprites that I want. Id like Tizoc in the middle pointing to the sky, then Grant and Marco on either side, Grants sprite when he first breaks out of the rock at the beginning of the round, and Im not quite sure what I want for Marco, maybe the start of the round for him too, when his hands are on fire. I can point the sprites out if anyone knows where to find them.

i shall try n.n though it may not be too good. if it isnt then go ahead and use some one elses

whats up guys id greatly appreciate any avatar to anyone who would make me… i would like and MvC2 one of storm in her victory stance, cable with his gun by his head and sentinel in his fighting stance with spiral sort of in the sky above them… if you can make it so that theres a similar color to all three wither cables dark blue outfit and sentinel assist 2 look and match storm accordingly i would appreciate it beyond belief ill take jus about anything anyone can make thanx in advance

LOL talk about thread hijack

i completely forgot you’re prem so i need to know the dimensions and file size for prem so i can remake and make it better >>

160 by 100 pixels or 48.8 KB (whichever is smaller)

i tried n.n if you dont like it you can use some one elses

I like it, but could you make some changes for me?

Could you get the Tizoc sprite of him pointing to the air, and put him in the middle, and could you make Grant and Marco on either side of Tizoc facing away. And could you make the background pure black and take the 9999 off? If you could do that that would be awesome :tup:

er yeah x.x gimme a little while to work on it though


Awesome, much appreciated man :tup:

i’m having trouble finding the sprite you want, do you have it? or if some one has it and can give it to me

Is it this one?

Naw its one where he’s pointing/looking straight up. Im having a hell of a time trying to find it too.

Old, scratched, noisy, sepia-toned photograph.

^^^Thats awesome man, thanks a lot :tup:

thats a sweet lookin av O.o i didnt think of making it look like that… i am such a noob at this x.x


Well, I’m in need of a new av, so can you make me a Tizoc one with this GIF?
I want him in the centre using the same GIF in 9999’s av with the GIF I provided above.
Else, just make me a Tizoc av plz :P.