Garou competition question

I don’t play online, but I just wanted to know who are some of the top Garou players. I’m kind of interested in seeing some vids. My friend played a couple of guys last night that she says are really really high level in a west coast server, anti3D and GodWeapon. She didn’t get names, but she told me they were using everyone in the game.

I’m a random scrub…:rolleyes: what’s your friend’s nick? I’ve probably played her.

All the top Garou players live in Japan.

Same with all the top SS and LB players.
ace_uno is pretty damn good with B. Jenet though.

Nocturnal and his friend 2pac (don’t know exactly who he is on SRK, if he even goes there) were pretty impressive. That 2pac had a crazy Grant from what I remember.

She usually goes by perdo, Prinny and Garou XXX(XXX = a random name etc newb, gal, WC…etc)

She may have other names, but those are the ones I remember her using when I saw her play a few times.

BTW, Jae Hoon, I was just talking about Online on Kaillera, I know how well the Japanese play the game.