Garou for PS2...

I just imported it. I already owned it for DC, but I play my ps2 so much more often now (thanks to SNK for still pumping out fighting games), and I needed this. It plays so much better on the ps2 controller, I’d say.

Anyone know the differences between this and the DC version?

I searched for previous threads on this, but couldnt find anything specific. If one exists, I’ll take the link to that; of course replies and new information here will suffice to me. :wonder:


The PS2 version is more accurate than the DC version in terms of the game engine. But it lacks the Guard Cancel text whenever you do one of those, and some timings are not 100% exact to the original MVS/AES versions of the game, although it is definitely a lot closer than the DC port.

Nocturnal knows most about the differences, so just wait for him to post up about it.

sorry DC pad is much better than that of a ps2.

The DC port has lost frames, sound issues and timing issues on certain things probably do to the missing frame animations. Also Terrys train stage lags when you play on it for some stupid reason on the DC port. The ps2 port is a lot better compared to the DC port, but it still has some minor issues. Like already mentioned guard cancel doesn’t show when you perform one, timing issues on certain things as well, runs a bit faster than the MVS/AES port. Even with those minor issues both ports are still playable and all the combos from the AES/MVS versions work on both ps2/DC versions. Hope this helps you out.

Sorry for what? Sorry for being wrong? Sorry for pimping a D-pad with sharp corners on it? Do tell.

Maybe it’s japanese influence, you know like saying “sorry” for no reason at all except that society expects you to at least be sorry at all times since you certainly have many reasons not to be too proud of yourself… :confused:

The ps2 pad is terrible; the dc pad works fine once you get used to it… or once your thumb starts bleeding and goes numb.

I have Garou on AES and PS2.

PS2 overall is quite decent, I don’t notice enough difference to worry that much. And I’m sure as hell not bringing my AES to a tourney.

Only thing i noticed on my ps2 version was that in training mode i set it to counter hit and do like Marco’s dp+break, its doesnt hit them in the air. However in gameplay this doesnt happen. Other chars are kinda like that too like if you set it to counter and to terry’s break move the counter hit wont hit them into the air. I was just like wtf?

AES and DC versions have that bug as well.

The DC port also has a strange resolution, making everything look slightly squished and skinny. All of the SNK ports to DC have this, the DC must not support the exact MVS aspect ratio. Sound is also of noticeably higher quality on the PS2 port compared to the DC.

I owned the AES Garou cart for years, ended up selling it to make tuition back in the day. Never was completely satisfied with the DC port, but I’m very happy with the PS2 version. Not perfect but damn close, certainly closer than the DC version.

And all this talk of pads… Stock control pads? Seriously? I vote that Dual Shock AND DC pad = you lose. I stick to either an arcade stick or my PS2 Saturn pad.