Garou Handicap Screens past 20

Not many people have seen past 20. Dsync’d before I could get 50. Last time I got 50, Power Gauge never went down.

I’m surprised you or alec said absolutely nothing during 40 matches…

If you wanna look at it that way, it was weird that he stayed past 2 games. Most people don’t.

HA! Funny shit, lux if u played him right after we spoke earlier today I had just gotten done doing the exact same thing to him… only when I hit 30 enough was enough already and I had inebriation plans to attend to, lol. Didn’t say a damn thing the whole time for me either even tho I greeted him and said ggs… poor guy that’s a hell of a beating to endure in one day. >=)

I think he never responded to either of you because he speaks Spanish…

I actually never knew that happened, though I’ve not had many matches with people who’d wanna play more than ten games sadly.

Overworld, if you want to play some, just AIM me some time… I suck like hell, but I am willing to keep playing, How else am I supposed to get better?

He spoke english to me afterword in the main chat…but yea I respect the fact that he was trying to get better and didn’t quit. Best way to improve is to play someone better than yourself.

lux cheats.

Oh, he speaks English? Then I suppose I should have spoken him in English then… Meh, whatever, I need to brush up on my Spanish anyways…

Edit : Off topic, but I literally was just handed a package I have been waiting on! PS2/X->USB Adapter! w00t!

er… how?

I play garou sometimes. Last time iplayed i suffered a beating at the hands of Emil :P(not even gonna mention my KoF preformance…) Just aim me when you want to play.

Wow, I tried fighting that Alec guy…he’s pure lag tactics. He seems to have learned some stuff from lux though, but the majority of what he does is lag tactics (constant spam of crackshoots, jump D non-stop thinking you will jump at him (and throwing you when he lands, even though you’re supposed to be able to combo him as he lands, atleast when there isn’t delay). The fact that he throws me almost all the time upon landing(the times he doesn’t throw me is when I just decide to not groudn combo him, but rather hit him out of the air from his whiffed jumpin) leaves me to assume he might be using auto, but not positive.

He practices :O.