Garou/Last Blade 2 on PSN?

I see Garou is on Live now, have anyone heard talk of a PSN-version?

Also, what about Last Blade 2? If the new craze is old fighters on PSN/Live, then LB2 is a must!

I wish

i’ll play all day

If LB2 came out on PSN I’d be on it EVERYDAY!!!

if it came on psn the online would suck

snk can’t do anything right, even over 10 years after the ps1 days

If it did come out for PSN then get ready for the horrid PS2 port of LB2 :sad:.

Everyone would, so what the hell is Sony waiting for?

I dunno man, isn’t the Garou Live version pretty spiffy?

Have you played the PS2 port of LB2? Xbox port is a different version from the PS2 version. Unless they plan on releasing something similar to the xbox ports but even then the online is crap.

Why not just play those games on GGPO? I’m not understanding the reason for this thread.

GGPO is arcade perfect, awesome net code, and free! What’s the problem?

Egocentric much?

To get exposure, to further the 2D fighting cause, to get more opponents; take your pick!

Honestly I don’t think they’d do it. The game is just not popular enough. 2DF and GGPO are great if you want to play against brazillians who get you into an infinite as soon as possible and then type JAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJJAJAAJA AMERICANO SUCK when you lose.

I still play this game every couple of weeks and never seem to forget all of Setsuna’s moves and game and stuff. I think the best way to play this game is on an arcade… like how I played it growing up! lol

But yeah, theres no excuse for Garou not to be on PSN because they put it on XBL! There are A LOT of cool arcade games and old school games on the XBL that they don’t have on the PSN.

But isn’t it strange, though? I mean, to be honest, of the two of them, I would expect PSN to be first with fighters. Being Japan-centric and all.

Ah, well, I guess there’s no way the classics will ever go away in any case, I just wish Sony had the sense to jump on the bandwagon when it’s around. I don’t think there will ever be a better period to release fighters on PSN than right now, in the trails of SFIV and BlazBlue. Unless, of course, this shift in gear is here to stay, and more new and huge games enter the scene.