Garou Mark of The Wolves basics

Can anyone show me the way with this game? Despite knowing very little about the engine I cant help but to be attracted to this game. What I do know about the games engine is quite awesome, the music is just as good as any game ive heard and the graphics are out standing.

Ive just learned about feints, i can trigger them but dont know what to do after that, dont know how to use breakers, not entire sure what they are.

im using terry right now just to learn the game, i have all of his basic special, super, top moves down.

i can use ggpo if you want to show me, i also have the game on xbla

Here is the best online resource I know of for the game:

use hokamaru and slide if you think they’re going to go high or if they jump in

if you think they are going to go low, just short hop roundhouse into jab roundhouse kunai

then keep them at bay with instant air kunai but be sure they’re far away because it’s real easy to punish.

Learn how to use your a+b as well because that is how you will be comboing your super once you learn when your opponents might attack.

and…pick the chick with the flying shield. or that dude that looks like butt from virtua fighter.

oh yeah and don’t forget your naru…hokamaru patented smoke bomb teleport attack. Shit is so good. His second jump is pretty good for avoiding hits. Like there seems to be some weird hitbox thing going on when he does it because a lot of attacks miss when I do it. Also, talk to the guys in the lobby. Tell them I sent you.

Damn I love this game. Let me run some stuff down for you, just to tell you what kind of game you’re in for.

  • **Tiers: **Kevin and Gato are top tiers. Gato has really quick and/or high-priority normals and everything combo’s easily into his A super. Kevin has crazy meter building and crazy juggle combos for 90% damage, just watch a combo video of him and you’ll see immediately why he’s top tier.
    Other than that, Terry is really great with some very annoying rushdown, Freeman is shit, Tizoc is complete and utter shit, and the rest are mid or mid-high tier, pretty much.

  • A+B / **down+A+B: **These are useful attacks that every character has. A+B is your overhead move similiar to SF3, will evade low attacks and hit crouchers. down+A+B is a really useful evasion type of move, it will evade mid and high attacks and hit back. usefulness varies between characters, for some it is useful as an anti-air, for some it is a good counter for lots of moves.

  • Hop: tap jump quickly to do a small hop. Very good offensive tool, quick and must be blocked high. Lots of chars can combo supers from this.

  • **TOP: **You regenerate health and do more damage while your health is in the TOP area. You also have a TOP attack at C+D. These attacks are not very useful unfortunely but they’re good for showing off.

  • **Feints: **Use feints to do cool-looking and high-damage combos, by stringing together normals. Almost all characters have something like crouching or standing C xx Feint, repeat to string together 3-5 heavy-hitting normals. You do NOT need to know feints to play the game, they are mostly just to tack on some extra damage in combos, and for showing off/plain fun.

  • Break attacks are insane. Example: Use Terry and do his power dunk, then press A+B before he leaves the ground (i.e: fucking instantly). It’s hard but you’ll get the hang of it. It will cause Terry to stay on ground and recover quickly. If it hits, you can combo with super or another power dunk. If it’s blocked, it’s almost 100% safe. Not all characters break attacks are useful but all of them allow for some kind of combo. (Except Freeman who sucks)

  • Just Defense is easy as pie. It’s like parries but you press back instead so it’s basically riskfree, you time it wrong you’ll block instead. Oh, and once you JD the first hit, just spam back-back-back because you don’t need to time subsequent hits!! Just spam block after the first Just Defended attack! This way you can easily recover 10% health when your opponent does a dumb super.

  • Backdashes kick ass, they have loads of invulnerability and will get you out of all kinds of shit.

Character specific stuff:

  • You can select the boss characters using secret codes at char select screen. Google it. They are balanced and they are tournament legal. I used to play Grant and poke the shit out of people (and then link those pokes into B super lulz)

  • Gato has the most ridiculous super ever with his Level1 punch super. That super is the only super in fighting game history with what is basically 0-frame startup, by this i mean that if the opponent is in any state where he is not able to block at the time the flash appears, IT WILL ALWAYS HIT.

  • Terry has an ***insane ***block-string by doing close-standing (cs).C xx feint xx cs.C xx feint xx cs.C xx feint xx cs.C xx feint xx crouch C xx f,f,C, repeat. This block string will guard crush all characters in two repetitions, allowing for a free full-damage combo. The only way to get out is in a 1-frame window just before f,f,C hits and you must either JD this hit which is really hard to do, or you can spam down+A+B to beat it. However if you spam down+A+B Terry can do some other move if he expects it, and beat it for a full-damage combo.
    And Terry is not top tier! Garou is a pretty crazy game!

  • Terry’s light version of Power Dunk also has insane priority. So if you can learn to break it then you have a move that has instant start-up, beats everything, is 100% safe on block and combo’s into super.

  • With Grant, do f,b,f,A/C to an opponent in the corner (overhead move that launches opponent), then do df+C (some kind of chest thump) over and over for a massively douchebaggy and fun combo. Finish off with super!

  • Rock can cancel his dash special into his 360 grab special (and combo into stuff). Think of it as a quick grab super from half screen distance.

  • Butt and Dong have hidden supers by doing qcf x3 + C. They require two meters and have weird combo setups. For Butt, spam C during the super freeze to increase the amount of hits.

  • Gato has a hidden super by i think it was d,f,df+AB x 3. It’s not very useful in a real match but it looks cool as hell.

No I’m sure Tizoc the bottom of the barrel tier, but Freeman is good in the right hands, I believe there was a Freeman player who won a tourney or session a few months back.