Garou: Mark of the wolves matchmaking thread

Check it out, i made this thread because i see alot of MOTM players on kailera so if any1 wants a match, contact me on aim : SN: Young Ic3.


Kaillera sucks, sorry. :frowning:

I don’t understand why anybody would enter a thread just to say that. I think LIVE is garbage and won’t play it, so as a result I don’t go on their boards and tell them so.

I have a broken pad and no money to buy a stick, so I can’t play you. However, I can ask a friend or two if you’d like to get owned :stuck_out_tongue: Hit me up on AIM, Dwayne.

I play Garou most of the time online…only once in a while I play…I play on mostly on stick. I play more offline than online though…lag can kill games at times. If anyone wants to paly me just IM on AIM whenever…I’m mostly online most of the time. Alright later.


ill play ya

Ill play you if you have Garou: Mark of the Wolves (Decrypted C) and a Kawaks 1.48 or 1.49.

Naah, there isn’t this SO large amount of motw players on kaillera, Zero 3 is everywhere though ^^

Hell, I can play ya in MOTW. But all I have is the prototype, and I’m not gonna wait another three hours for it to d/l :stuck_out_tongue: I can play you on MAME 0.64 or Kawaks 1.46 or 1.49…

Too bad, Proto has got tons of bugs ^^

I will play anyone. Hit me up on AIM if you want to play me.

just play on a keyboard like me

I like Garou, I’m not so good yet but I could use the practice :slight_smile:
I use Mame 0.64 kaillera. Just email me or catch me in aim if i’m ever on.

:wow: :wow: :wow: :wow: :wow:

Too many mames… c’mon, kawaks rules too ^^

I’ll play you, aim me at FetusEatus. I use Kawaks, and run a lot of torrents though, so I can’t just play instantly sometimes.

What do you play on?

I will be glad to play anyone on Garou: MOTW, just tell me what server or emulator you use. So far all I got is Kawaks. Rock is so cool, and he owns!! On am on AIM all the time, message me up.

I’ll play :badboy:

just tell me were to download the EMU and the version and the ROM and the version, or if its possible PM them to me. :tup:

I play also but my emu is kawaks never liked mame. Even so I could get in mame.

Man, I play on keyboard, it rocks
more people need to play this on mame, however
anyway, msg me anytime to play

i’ve been getting out of mame playing 3s 24/7 but i don’t wanna forget about the game so i’m down to play my aim name is TrueTeezy