Garou: Mark of the wolves matchmaking thread

Haha, I actually have a broken keyboard too. Anyway, I’m on a laptop, I don’t think anybody plays on a laptop kb because they’re not really very usable for games.

i want to get on this. its been a while since i’ve play MofW, but i’m willing to play anyone.

Offline Rules!

Im looking for elite MoW players to join an offline battling clan if your interested email me. We welcome all challengers, if you think your elite or u know it, Bring it.

Rock owns U!

i like garou, it’s a very nice game :rolleyes:

I don’t play all the time. I just dabble a bit, cause not many people play. But I like it. =p

I enjoy the game, but am by no means awesome at it. I’ll play anybody that asks for a mtach though. I can use Kawaks 1.46 and 1.54, and I usually hang around the server or the DarkAdictz server.

MOWfan - Where are you from? If your from cali or a near by let me know so we can have some offline battles. We got a group here in SoCal where we meet every now and then for some Garou goodness. You can find out more about our meets at the tournament and events thread. Take care.


I chew up and spit out cracker ass fools like yall all the time in MOTW even after I stopped playing, then restarted, then stopped again!! …PATOOIE!!!


Anyone who wants a challenge hit me up :badboy:

zomg, people that actually play this game! Look me up on AIM sometime if you want a match, it’d be nice to have some people to play with for once, >.>

Anybody that wants to play hit me up on aim.

I’ll play.

Just started out, Scrub-Dong Hwan.

AIM sn is ATB9B13.

I wish I had a stick, I desperately need one bad. I suck on Pad. =(

I would like to play someone, but I am not understanding this game. If anyone would like to school a newb, or maybe teach me some things, I would be grateful. I use MAME 64. I can’t get Garou to work on kawaks, but I will try again if need be. My aim sn is greatjoshofegypt

Well I am back playing Garou since I am making a tutorial about the game and it’s diferent char. So feel free to PM if u guys want to play.

Well, I hate to bump this thread up…Doesn’t seem like anyone’s interested…Or maybe you’re all playing…

Well, just IM me at RPSKyMayKill if you wanna play some games.:tup:

I have mame and I would love to play some people in Garou, hit me up if you want to.

im always down with motw, i would rather not play it on the fastest setting though

I have Mame/Kawaks, and my Freeman sucks. Help my Freeman stop sucking by giving me some human comp, my Freeman desperately needs a hiatus from that god damned CPU.

PS: How in the FUCK do you all Guard Cancel with that damn lag. I swear I was able to GC a grand total of twice the last time I was online, and I’m even having difficulty JDing simple jump-ins. Do you just suddenly get used to it?

Quit playing Freeman and that will help your suckyness problem.

I still have trouble gcing on Mame but you just have to keep practicing it.

Haha, this man speaks the truth. If you expect to get good with Freeman, you need to know how to feint, just defend and guard cancel all the time.

Yeah, that also goes double for my best character to use, Rock. If you cant GC his Shinkuu Nage when youve got meter its nearly useless to play as em. And with that lag, it aint gonna happen. If only there were more people who played this damn game offline I could use my two best characters.

Oh well, looks like its back to training mode with Kevin and Gato. I hate having to tier whore to put up a fight.