Garou: Mark Of The Wolves Tournament (03/12/2006)

Game: Mark Of The Wolves (Set 1)

Emulator: MAME32K 0.64

Date: Sunday March 12th

Time: 9:00pm Eastern Standard Time

Format: 2/3 Falls, Double Elimination. 3/5 Falls Winners and Losers Finals. 4/7 Grand Finals.

Server: Godweapon Server 1, Godweapon Server 2 (if available)

All brackets will be co-ordinated through an IRC channel of my choosing on the day of the tournament and will be posted in here.


  • Manidotry IRC rule is still in effect. If you have come across players on Kaillera that play this game please send them a link to this thread and tell them to get IRC. I will not co-ordinate matches between IRC and Kaillera because people don’t want to take 30 seconds for a couple meg download.

  • Boss characters are allowed. Be ready to play against them.

  • The ranks from the previous five tournaments will be used in this tournament. Any new players will be inserted at random in remaining slots. I’m not going to debate over this because you know that “I’m better than that guy.” If you’re an awesome player and you haven’t entered a tournament yet then you don’t get ranked. It’s just that simple.

  • I hope to see everyone that played in the previous tournaments and a few more fresh faces. There seems to be some new blood on Kaillera for this game and it’d be great to see all of them show up and test their mettle against the seasoned vets.

I might be there it depends. I am way out of practice though.

Count me in.

I’ll sign up. Gotta get some practice in all week.

I am ABSOLUTELY in this!

My 4th week in this game and a tourney is up, it’ll be fun :).

I want to play but I’ll be without a PC until the 15th… If it could be bumped a week that’d be cool.

I’ll play.

Sorry bud, I"m unavailable to run any tournaments on the weekend of the 19th or 26th.

MiCLuS: youre in panama city? So am i. Just a local? I’m military.

I just got Mirc and i don’t know how use mame with this? Could someone help please?

Take a look at this thread Black:

Hope that helps.

Black Sakazaki: If I catch you on AIM, I will walk you through it.

Holla, holla, holla!! Get ready, heroes!

I know of plenty of people who said they will play but aren’t posting. Will probably be the same people who wont have IRC on the day of the tourny… =\

I’ve posted a link to this thread on different Kaillera servers. TELL PEOPLE TO GET IRC FOR GOD’S SAKE!

Channel is #garoutournament on Efnet

Ok i still don’t see why irc is necessary and how it it is used in the process of online play. Could someone please help.

OK for those of you confused about IRC it works like this:

I have a dual screen setup at home. Basically I print out the brackets and keep all the participants in the IRC channel (on screen one). I tell the players who they’re up against and then they go into Kaillera and play the match. After it’s done they report back to channel and I can give out the next match. It makes life A HELL OF A LOT easier this way instead of the horribly unco-ordinated “here’s all the brackets, play whenever you want over the next six months” method that seems predominant with online tournies.

Anyone that’s played in my online tournies knows that these things run quick, clean and by the numbers (with very few bumps in the road). Start at 9:00pm and usually out by 11 - 11:30pm.

I’m in, I just gotta go get everything set up, and I hope to be bringing two peeps with me. Not sure how good they’ll do but hey, it’s more people and the more the merrier right?

One question: They don’t need to post here, just show up in the channel before the tourney begins, right?


im in