Garou: Mark Of The Wolves Tournament (08/07/2005)

Game: Mark Of The Wolves (Set 1)

Date: Sunday August 7th

Time: 9:00pm Eastern Standard Time

Format: 2/3 Falls, Double Elimination. 3/5 Falls Winners and Losers Finals. 4/7 Grand Finals.

Server: Godweapon Server #2

All brackets will be co-ordinated through an IRC channel of my choosing on the day of the tournament and will be posted in here.


  • I would have preferred a two week break between tournaments but 07/13 is the last day of EVO and I know people won’t be around.

  • Boss characters are allowed. Be ready to play against them.

  • The ranks from the previous three tournaments will be used in this tournament. Any new players will be inserted at random in remaining slots. I’m not going to debate over this because you know that “I’m better than that guy.” If you’re an awesome player and you haven’t entered a tournament yet then you don’t get ranked. It’s just that simple.

  • I hope to see everyone that played in the previous tournaments and a few more fresh faces. The 07/31 tournament ran very smoothly (1 and 1/2 hours for 14 players) and if we can make sure everyone uses IRC to get their matches we can shorten the time even more.

Alright another tourney…Count me in

Omg A3 Dammit!

What client will be used?

MAME 32K 0.64

IC3: If you want A3, then organize it. I barely play the game and have no interest in putting together a tourney for it. What I’d suggest is to set up a thread for Sunday August 21st as there’s already MOTW on the 7th and EVO is on the 14th. I’ll be happy to join up but I’m not organizing or running brackets.

Change of plans, i might not be able to make it

I’m in.

i’ll try enter this time around.

Sign me up.


Won’t be able to enter. Bah, today was my first time playing in ages anyway, ggs Ice.

are european noobs allowed?:stuck_out_tongue:

As long as you can get into Godweapon Server 2 and don’t lag the hell out of the game then I don’t see why not.

So you’re saying you haven’t experienced it yet?:stuck_out_tongue: Can we meet on irc? So we can try it out or something?

where can I download that version of mame32k? The one on kailerra site is 0.67.

And does that version flash like mad on T.O.P. and shadows(like 0.98)?

Can I get in this. I would love to see some high level play of this game.